Sunday, September 29, 2013

One Minute

I have about a minute, then must go shower and get my butt to bed.

Many things to write about, but so little time.

Old job let me go the same day I put in my 2 weeks notice.   I learned so much from that job as a cashier.  It looks so much easier than it is.  Always be nice to that lady ringing you up for your purchases. She might be slow because she is struggling with a job she never pictured herself doing.  It might be the first job she has ever had.  Or maybe she is trying to figure out how she is going to pay her bills on the meager amount she is making at the job of cashier.

The new job is good, everything there seems so easy, but probably only because it is so similar to my jobs in WY. But I think I am going to like it there very much.  I do miss my mornings with my horses though.  Now I just get to throw food and leave.

Took Big K out for a jaunt around the block last week.  We went bareback and it was just a nice easy ride.  He likes being a trail horse. He does not like being an arena horse.

Rode Trax the next day, he is happy doing either, or neither.  I think he is just happy in his life here with this herd.  He always comes to me now, even if he knows it is time to go to work. I love my horse so much. We worked on serpentine's again that day. Only we worked more on my skill than his.  I gently picked up the reins rather than pulling, and he responded quite nicely.  We also worked on stepping correctly to the side. One right stop got him the rest he deserved.  it is paying off.

Sassy has been getting her walks and seems to be getting better.  We watched some roping at the neighbors house and when they left the box at a run she thought that maybe she should run too.  But mostly she just loves to go out and about.  She gets visibly angry if she has to miss a day.  We also do some round pen work and although she still short steps sometimes, it isn't as much.

Today I spent the entire day trimming some of the big trees on the property.  I used the tractor as my ladder, and then had my son use the chainsaw extension on the weed eater to get the big stuff.  I wished I had been smart enough to put the trailer under the trees as I trimmed.  Instead I had to drive around to my piles and pick everything up. My neck hurts now but I feel like I got a lot accomplished.

Tomorrow starts a new week, and I probably will not be on line much. So I am wishing all my blogging friends a nice easy happy week, with as much equine time as each of you need to be ok.

Take care.


  1. You too enjoy your week. I enjoy reading your blog!

  2. Glad you're liking the new job! Sounds like you're still getting quality time with the horses too. That's good. :)

  3. I love little bareback rides on Beamer- haven't done that for a while! I'm waiting for the rain to stop, I need some Gussie time. Glad your new job is more suited to you than the last one.

  4. You've certainly been busy. Glad you got to ride. Have a great week.