Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My First Flier and Some Thoughts

Since I had the day off yesterday I spent some time getting things done (yes after the house work and the blogging) one of which was printing off a flier for my new adventure.

I should have done it on my own computer, and then put it on a jump drive, then taken it in for printing. BUT I ran out of time yesterday morning and ended up just going to an office store and using what they had.  I did have my camera handy to pull some photos but my battery was dead, TC was trying to rush me, and I had to keep charging it in 10 min increments. Because of that I ended up being stuck with these photos.

Here is my finished product.  I will say that I do not love it, but I don't hate it either.  I need better photos, and a better layout. BUT on a bulletin board I feel that it will be an eye catcher, and that is what I really needed.  I left a lot of info off the flier, feeling that if I over loaded it, no one would take the time to read it all. I also forgot to put in the part about arena rental, but will get that on my next one.

I want to thank everyone for all the great input they gave me.  All of it was really good stuff that I had not considered. Some of it I will implement immediately, and others will have to come after time. Right now we will be so small, the community tack room will have to do.  We will have to get a porta-potty I guess, until I can build a separate restroom.

I will have my list of rules typed up by this weekend, and will show you what I have for that as well. I got a great contract on line, am in the process of securing my insurance, and will get my signs this week as well.

Now with all of this being said...I did go to the interview for the 8-5 office manager job.  The interview went well, the pay isn't awesome, but is decent, and it seems like it could be a good company to work for.  Of course I don't have the job yet, so we will see what happens with that.

If I get the job, I will almost have to take it. I still have to pay the bills while I'm getting my Stable venture to take off.  I hate to leave my job at the ranch supply store, but I cannot do both unless I work 7 days a week. If I am going to do that I may as well just sell the horses and forget all my dreams.

I'm doing a lot of praying hoping that God will show me the right answer. He usually does.


  1. I think the flier looks good. I would just have the left text be much larger - maybe in all capital letters? BOARDING! :)

    1. Thanks, yes I agree and I tried to make them bigger but the program wouldn't let me. That is one of the reasons I will be designing my own next time instead of using someones template.

  2. I'm sure it will all work out. The barn owner of the last stable I used was going to school and working long shifts. Her kids helped out with feeding and cleaning the horses. You don't necessarily have to have a public restroom, but it will save you from having boarders knocking on your door to use the one in your house.

  3. The flier looks great. But, are my eyes deceiving me or what - I thought I read $275.00 a month for full-care board!? Are you kidding me???? That is so cheap!!!! Around here it's very common to pay anywhere from $350.00-$700.00 per month for full care, and most places that's all they offer is full care. Wow. We really are an expensive state compared to just about everywhere else it seems. 17 years ago when Ladde was a weanling, I paid $100 a month for a stall and a wheelbarrow of shavings once a week. No feed, no feeding, no turn-out, no nothing. I went out after work every night and took him for walks. I hope you get the office manager job, we all need more money right? Hope your weather cools off pretty soon.

  4. I like the idea of having "Boarding" written larger.

    General editing: add an apostrophe in "horses" in the sentence about no changes in the horse's feeding, etc.

    I wonder, if you have limited trailer parking, maybe it would be best to charge for it? I know some places do that. I doubt it would cut down on the need for it though, so maybe an added charge would just be seen as an annoyance.

    Other than that I'd just say make sure you're happy with it before you call it finished. Don't be hurried or rushed. You want to give the right first impression. I think it looks really nice though, there isn't anything there that would make me think your facility is sub-par. Good job!

  5. Hope it all goes well for you. We have a local boarding stable here, she does it full time and it sure is nice to have a place to go- she has an outdoor and indoor arena, and has times for public riding for a small fee.

  6. Heck, I'd come board with you :)

    My board is 250 a month.....but thats because Pony is technically my trainers still and she has different I get my board really cheap.

    Your arena is huge should get a few cows and have cow clinics or something :)

    Theres one barn that does friday night sortings, she sets up basically two round pens that are open to each other and you buy tickets, its 5 dollars per ticket, one ticket per run....she usually gets at least 30 people that show up....usually people buy 20 dollars worth of tickets...thats not too bad for a friday night!

  7. Oh I like the poster too! It is eye catching and it has all the info everyone needs. I like the color and pics too.