Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Video

I spent so much time playing with this video that now I am having to rush to get to work on time.

Lots of bad stuff, but a few good steps, so I'll call it progress!


  1. Actually I am going o retract that statement and say that he did ok inspite of me.

    I totally scewed up and now I know exactly why we aren't progressing much at all.

    I had my leg on him trying to get him to take a correctt step. He always wants to cross over behind instead of in
    Front. When he did finally step correctly I kept pushing him instead of backing off to let him know he did right. So he did 2 steps correctly but then reverted back because my message was not clear.

    I did not back off because I couldn't tell he was stepping correct. I don't have "feel".

  2. As long as you are looking to improve your horse and your riding, you are a good horsewoman. He didn't do well in spite of you, he is where and how he is because you have worked so hard to build your team and not given up on him. It's not like you started with a perfectly-trained, calm horse. I think for a horse who was once (and still can be) a high-headed stress-bunny, Trax looked very good. He knew what you were asking him and you can see he trusts you, and the partnership looked great to me. Don't fret the little stuff, because it will come. You are going so well!

  3. Looks pretty good to me. I think you both look like you're listening to each other, and that's what really matters. Watching videos to see where we can improve is a great tool, but you have to give yourself more credit! Look at what you did right, not just what you did wrong, and of course the overall picture is one of listening, progress, caring, understanding, trying, and improving. We're not ever going to be be perfect, but then a horse is a wonderful creature who loves us anyway as long as our heart is with them. I think sometimes we get too goal oriented and serious, looking so hard at each tiny detail that we forget that the whole point is to have fun.

    1. You are right...don't lose sight of the real goal. Having fun!

  4. Looks good! I love that trax doesn't care about the tractor....but god forbid there would be a golf cart in the arena with you :)

    One thing I noticed that might make your riding slightly more clear to him (but then again this might not work for you) is instead of pulling back towards your thigh when asking him to change direction, lift up on the rein, i've always learned that when you pull towards your thighs it gives them more to brace against, but if you lift up with reins then it gives them a clearer signal to collect and turn