Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oh Sad face!

My big ride this weekend in the ranch horse competition has been canceled. 

Bricksters owner just called me and said that all of his horses have what appears to be Pink Eye.

His vet came out and took blood tests and started treatment. 

Killian has had runny eyes for about a month, I assumed it was from the flies and his one eyelid that was damaged and closes funny. 

I don't know for a fact that my horse has Pink Eye, but I certainly am not willing to take any chances.

My vet has set out some topical ointment for me to pick up for him.

None of my other horses show any signs of it.

I did ask if he wanted me to pay his vet bill....I'm glad he declined, I'm sure it won't be cheap and I can barely afford my own vet bills right now.

I am so bummed out that I won't get to compete.  I was really hoping for some good pics of Trax working a cow to post.  It will be a while now before I get those since I will be keeping him at home. 

Even if I find out between now and Saturday that it isn't Pink Eye, I won't ride him.  I need to be riding him all week at the arena, but I can't take him down there till I know, and I won't put other peoples loved ones (horses) at risk.

Jay says, "Look at the bright side, better to wait and get your pony soft, doing it the slow and easy way, then to do things fast and wrong."  I hate it when he is right!

I guess I will just go and watch and learn from the grandstands...... Major Sad Face! :(

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  1. Bummer! It would have been so much fun. But I think Jay has a point too.