Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Neighbor

I am very fortunate to live next door to a wonderful older couple.  They have 2 very nice, but slightly spoiled Arabians.  One is named Smoke, he is a flea bitten grey color, and the other is Attan (sp?), who is black.  They are such characters to watch and you would swear they are brothers, but they really aren't.   When I say spoiled I mean they are well broke and well mannered, but they don't get ridden much so they live an easy life.

The lady, whose name is Charlie (her husband is Bob) has been having some pretty bad back issues lately, so I try to lend a hand when I can.  They are also always willing to feed for me if I am out of town, and they are always watching out for my animals, as I do theirs.  It is a good to get along with your neighbors, and it is easy when you have neighbors like mine.

Yesterday I was watching Tom dig himself into a hole in the side yard (our well hydrant was freezing up last winter and so he was digging it up to fix that) when I looked over at Charlie's horses.  Attan was limping.  Not just a little, it was a serious limp.  I went right over and checked him out, fetlock was swollen.  I called Charlie, and she came out side, but could hardly stand she was in such pain.  I had the vet on the phone when we saw the wet spot on the bulb of the heel...abscess. :(

Luckily the vet was already out and about and was not far so she came right over.  We had him draining and bandaged with some pain meds and antibiotics, in a matter of minutes.  When I went over to feed for her later in the day he was putting weight on it again so that is good. 

I went to check on Charlie as well (her husband was working all day) she was in bed resting, where she needed to be.  She also raises Basset Hounds.  I went ahead and took care of them too.  What a loud bunch at feeding time!!!!!  I left Charlie sleeping, and spoke with Bob this morning.  Attan is coming along nicely.  I will help Charlie  out with his antibiotics tonight, and the feeding as well.  She won't get better if she keeps over exerting.

I have to admit that it felt good to be able to help yesterday.  There was a time in my life where I was always the one needing help.  To be at a point in my life when I can do for others....well it is a good thing. 

I will try to get some pics of the two Arabian clowns today.  They are such fun!

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