Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Too Much

I haven't posted in a while, it has been a rough couple of weeks.

2 days after the clinic, I got a call from Riverton - where Brickster lives- Randy's herd of horses all came down with something, started with swollen running eyes. 

Killian had just left there on Sat, he had had goobery eyes for a couple of weeks.  I had been using Natures edge to keep the flies off, assuming that it was just from the flies, and dust.  After all I live in Casper Wyoming...the wind always blows here.  He was not sick in any other way so I assumed all was well.  My horses are always current on shots and worming, as are Randy's.

When I took him down Randy had asked about his eyes, and I told him what I believed to be true. Bugs are driving him nuts.  Plus he has one eye which has a damaged eyelid and that one always runs a little more when it is dusty.  It doesn't close as well as the other.

Randy's vet said it was Pink Eye.  I think what he really meant was EVA which is the only viral form of pink eye that I know of.  It usually comes with a host of other symptoms though, none of which my horses have had.

I started going back through all my recent photos, none of my other horses have shown any signs of pink eye.  Even Killian never got real swollen, so I don't know. 

His vet drew blood for testing and started dosing with viral type antibiotics (according to Randy- but he is not good with technical terms)  We are still waiting for the blood work to come back to find out what it really is. 

Friday I talked to him, he said all but one of his horses are recovering nicely.  The one that isn't, has gotten much much worse.  She tries to get a drink and her whole head falls into the water, and she can't figure out how to get out.  She is losing an eye for sure.  He will probably end up putting her down.

I offered to help with the vet bills- he declined.  I feel terrible about all of this. 

Because of all of this and because I do not know if my horse gave this to his horses, or if my horse could come down with what they have, I have had all my ponies under quarantine. 

I did not get to compete in the ranch horse competition.  Until I know exactly what his horses have, they will stay at home.

But mostly I am so sad for Randy and his ponies.

I have been in constant communication with one of my vets, and she is anxiously waiting to hear (as am I) what the test results come back with.  She assures me that this is not my fault.  She has seen my horses lately, they have not been sick.  They still are not sick, and I am watching them like hawks.

Dr. Bruce has been to my house to see Danny. and actually looked at all of my horses a few weeks before all of this started.  He would have noticed if they looked sick.

I'm pretty sure I would have noticed if they were sick.  I spend a few minutes minimum with them everyday, usually more.

Still I feel responsible.

Icing on the cake.....I went to watch the show on Saturday to support my friends even if I could not join.  In the middle of the show I get a phone call from my 18 year old son who was on his way to Denver..."Mom I need you to come get me- there's been a 3 car wreck, I was in the middle of it."

Good news, no one was hurt.  Bad news, it took half my hay money to go get him and get the truck back from the tow company.  Would have left it but I just put a 700 dollar transmission in it.  It doesn't even have 2000 miles on it.  Gonna have to sell it and the motor, so he has money to get another vehicle.  Then I have to scrape up more money for hay cubes.

While I was at the competition, my farrier, who is a very spiritual man, saw me and asked how my horses were.  Of course I had to tell the whole story.  He was so sweet.  He said to me, "God takes care of our animals if we ask, so lets stop right now and ask."  We bowed our heads and he prayed for my ponies that they all stay safe and healthy, he asked that a shield be place over them protecting them from illness."   Yup I cried...yup I'm crying now. 

I cry everyday it seems, for Andrea and Tonka, for Randy's little black mare, for my son who is still alive and unhurt, and for the other people in that accident who although shaken are also scratch free.

Okay yes I cry a little for myself for the financial hole I am in right now.  But I know that God does watch over us, and as long as I keep doing the next right thing, he will make sure I have what I need.

One day at a time is all I can do right now.

oh and now I see that I am repeating myself in my posts.  I forgot about the last one I had done.

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  1. What an awful week! I am SO glad your son is okay. And I hope all the horses have a miraculous and full recovery.

    I, for one, am a big fan of crying when you need to. I wish I was better at that.