Sunday, September 30, 2012

Looooonnnng Weekend

The good news is, the barn is really looking like a barn.

The bad news is that....well there really isn't any for a change!
Holy Crap!

Actually my shoulders are killing me from spreading fresh dirt with a rake all day.
And busting up dirt clods.

It really helps that my man is a "Man Toy" collector.  Skid steer, little Tractor, fork lifts, dump trucks, Rollers, Post hole diggers...Oh and pick up trucks, lots and lots of pick ups. Of course it all belongs to his company, but one of the perks of being the owner's girlfriend...I have full access to all the cool toys.

So yeah, I spent several hours raking the inside of the barn, getting it nice an level, but the really hard stuff, he made easy with his toys.  

My contractor is leaving for his home in AZ on Tues, so Tom and I will have to finish what is left to do on the barn ourselves.  The vanity top for our new bathroom isn't here yet either, so we might have to finish that ourselves too.  Its okay though, he put in a full month of hard hard work, but has his own work to do at home now. 

I will post more pictures tomorrow.

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