Tuesday, September 18, 2012


My Trax
This is my current desk top picture.
I sit behind a desk 5 days a week
9 hours a day. 
I am the office manager of a busy truck shop.
I also sell some parts when everyone else is busy
I don't love my job. 
I don't hate it either.
Atleast I have my own office.
That part is cool.
It makes it so that I can screw around on line when I am bored.
I get to read some really great blogs
I also have all my photos of my horses on my computer at work.
(thats where I am right now)
My screen saver is a photo slide show.
I love my pictures.

I love my horses.
I love watching them scroll across my screen.
I know it is where I would rather be.
Not riding so much
but just there.
I love the time when Trax and I can just hang out
He trusts me. 
He doesn't trust many.
Not all people in his life have been good to him.
I know what that is like.
Not everyone in my life was good to me either.
I have known since the first time I saw him
this is my horse.
I won't say that he has never made me nervous...
But I have never been afraid.
I cannot say that about all horses.
He will go anywhere I ask him.
All I have to do is ask.
Not force- just ask.
I am lucky
He is lucky
We are lucky to have each other
That is how I feel. 
I have other horses too
I love them also
But what I have with Trax is different
It is a connection
words do not convey
the true depth of how it feels
to feel him give me his all
to feel him TRY for me
even things that make him uncomfortable
he will try if I ask.
My boy
My Painted Pony
I am so lucky.


  1. I know how you feel. Have you ever had another horse that you felt that way about? I've only had horses for 10 years or so, and only one special horse like that. I'm told they come again, it's not a one-time deal.

    I love Trax's spotty chest. He's a cutie.

    How is their health? Did you ever figure out what the eye problem was?

    1. Well, not really. Randy could never seem to remember to get a clinical term for me from his vet other than "pink eye" and has asked me in no uncertain terms not to call his vet to ask (that bothers me). But I am respecting his wish for now. I watch my ponies carefully looking for symptoms, but nothing. I have spoken to both of my vets about it and they say if my horses are not sick then my horse is not to blame for his horses problems. This morning I went out and took pictures of everyones eyes, gonna post them in a few. But everything looks normal, so I am taking them out of quarantine. It has been long enough, if they were going to get sick they would have by now.
      When I was a kid my best friend had two horses, one was a palamino gelding and I believed that he was "mine". But I haven't felt that way again since I got Trax.