Monday, September 17, 2012

In my own bubble

I rarely ever watch the news.

Tom gets the local paper, but I do not read it.

On Mondays I come to work and my co-workers inform me of the latest news.

Riots in Islamic nations over a movie that some guy made.  The guy has gone into hiding....afraid for his life.  Meanwhile people have died as a result of this movie.  I hear the movie has only been shown in one theater in the world (CA) but the clips have been used by fanatics to incite riots in the Middle East.  I respect the mans right to freedom of speech, but if he believes in his movie, why is he in hiding while others are being killed?  Coward.  The people using this info to incite riot and unrest....bigger cowards.

But really I don't want to know what is on the news.  I don't want to hear about any of it.  I could care less what the movie stars are doing.  I don't care what the politicians have to say (don't believe a single one of them Rep or Dem alike) Perhaps I should care, but why?  I live in a state that only counts for 1% of the national vote.  So even if the entire state voted, what difference would it make.  How many presidential elections are made by 1% of the vote?

I live in a bubble. I like it here in my bubble.  I have horses and dogs and kids and Tom.  I have friends, and my own little life.  Its all I can do to keep my own life on track. I cannot save the world and do feel like killing myself in the attempt.

In my bubble there is a lot more honesty than in many places.  Horses are honest.  A horse cannot hide his true feelings.  Neither can a dog.  Cats...well maybe, but we love them anyway. (They are like the CIA of my bubble...sneaky!)  A horse would never infiltrate another herd under the guise of camaraderie only to kill half the herd later on.  When Stallions fight for dominance, it is on common ground, they do not sneak around about it.  (I'm referring to Afghanistan here, something else I just learned about from my co-workers).  There is no hidden agenda with horses, or dogs, what you see is what you get.

I think more people need to live with animals.  They need to learn to communicate like animals, with honesty.  Then if they could take that honesty and go out into the human world...well the world would just be a better place. 

I'm pretty sure its never going to happen like that though.

That's okay I guess.....I'll just stay in my bubble...with my dogs and my ponies and my family.

Maybe that is a copout, maybe I need to be more informed, but I cannot see why I should be.  What difference is it going to make?  If the world is coming to an end, I'd just assume not know.  I have no intentions of surviving something like that.

What a morose post.....see what information does???  Its depressing. you hear that? That is the sound of honesty...peaceful and serene....(heavy sigh)


  1. I so hear this. I do watch the news sometimes, and it is beyond depressing. We are surrounded by negativity and it's overwhelming. I don't vote, do politics, etc. same as you, because what is the point?
    I think you're not alone. A lot of people feel the same way. We can't save the world, we can't save everything. I hang on to what I have and do the best for those in my own little bubble and that's it. No more. I have my slice of heaven in the desert with my animals and that's plenty enough for me!

    1. Oh! are Mikey..."post cards from AZ"
      Yours is one of the first blogs I began to follow. I envy you and your life in the desert. I am from Apache Junction, and I miss the desert life. I think I am moving back in a year(maybe two), can't wait.
      Thanks for stopping by.