Friday, September 21, 2012

The Arizona House

Okay so I have to admit, I got the idea for this post from when I was blog hopping this morning.
I just joined up on Nuzzling Muzzles Blog and saw her lovely pics of The Superstition Mountains and I felt inspired. 
What I have not ever posted on here about is that Tom and I recently purchased a house right at the foot of those mystical mountians
The view from our living room
We bought it with the intentions of moving down there next summer.  Right now we rent it to my Son and Daughter in law. 
Naturally though, Toms Trucking Company has become the stone around our neck.  We can't find anyone capable of running it, and have not yet found someone to buy him out.

Front of the house
He says he just can't handle another year, chasing trucks around all winter, trying to thaw them out, the rising fuel bills and the lack of good help, it is getting to be too much.  Its not as bad in the summer but summer is just too short in WY.  I suspect he will eventually just take all the trucks and trailers to auction, rent out the shop and be ready to go.
I was not sure how he would be able to handle the summers, but we looked at this house in the summer and he loved the heat, so I guess he will be fine.  Plus there is always "Siesta" if it gets too hot for him.
He is old enough to retire, I'm not there yet though, so I will have to do something to earn my keep.  I'd like to open an antique or second hand store, or maybe a feed and tack strore.  Or maybe just sell haycubes...I don't know.  I will figure it out as I go I guess.

My horse paddock
My Paddock has three covered stalls 12 x 12 I think, and I can add another easily, and then they open up into the paddock so everyone can take turns getting out.  Not one single blade of grass though.  The paddock is fully of little tiny soft round pea gravel.  I hear that is great for the hooves. Don't know for sure though. 
There are trails leading up into the mountain at the end of our road, plus trails and trails everywhere in the area. There are also lots of arenas to rent for some training time.
Arizona is also home to Super Gentle Horses.  This Gal does great things with her horses, and I am excited to meet her and see if I can learn from her. 

I think the kitchen is pretty cool

I am exctied to move home, I grew up there and lived there my whole life.  I will miss Wyoming though.  I love the small town feel here.  I don't have to lock my doors, or my vehicles.  We will keep our WY house though and rent it out when we move.  Just in case we want to come back I guess.

I hope to make new friends when I move home, hopefully find people who like to ride too.
I have many old friends I am excited to see as well.


  1. Gorgeous house!! So excited you'll be down here. I have met the gal from Super Gentle Horses, and she is wonderful :)

  2. WHAT!! WHAT!!! But oh my what a beautiful house!! Congrats to you & Tom and good luck on moving.