Sunday, September 16, 2012


Yesterday I went out and found two of my ponies, Sassy and Trax with puffy eyes.  Not swollen shut, no discharge from either, and no nasal discharge.  Just a little puffy.  With all the stuff going on in Riverton where my horse allegedly infected Randy's horses with Pink Eye, naturally I am a little nervous.   I'm not freaking out yet, not calling the vet just yet, but definetly watching them all closely.  We still have a lot of smoke from the Casper Mountain fire so it could easily be a reaction to that. I know that the last two days have  been horrible for me and my allergies.

Sassy is the worst of the two,l so last night I took her temp.  98.7 so no fever, that is good.  I have not been out yet this morning but am on my way.  Keeping my fingers crossed that they have either gone down, or haven't changed.  Main thing I do not want to see is green discharge. Everyone is eating, drinking and pooping normally.  Also a good thing.  Sassy seemed a little down yesterday afternoon though. Tried to hand feed her a a hay cube and she turned it down...that is not normal for her. But she ate fine later that evening, so not freaking out yet. (okay well maybe a little)

I did get to ride Trax a few nights ago.  Just took him out and down the road and back.  I'm still leary of taking him anywhere where other horses may be.  Glad I made that call since now he is having puffy eyes. Too much unknown.  He was a good boy, a little pissy since it was, in his opinion, feeding time not riding time. But when the neighbors dogs ran out under his legs and started barking, I expected more reaction out of him. He handled it very well with nothing more than a snort and a wide eye.  He has been penned up for the better part of the last week, so his energy level was up.  That was why I expected more of a reaction out of him. 

I asked Randy to get me clinical terms from his vet as to exactly what his horses were diagnosed with. The term "pink eye" is pretty vague and covers a few different diseases.  Well of course he didn't do that for me, and when I asked for his vet's name, although he did give it to me, he also asked me not to call him.  THAT bothered me.  I think I have the right to know, don't I?  I wasn't going to call and argue, I wasn't going to question the diagnosis, I just want to know exactly the what the diagnosis was and exactly what they treated with.  I probably will call on Monday, he can get mad if he wants, and if he does, well that is just too bad. You can't call me up, tell me my horses made all of your horses sick, tell me that one has gone blind in one eye because of my horse, and then expect me not to want to know exactly what my horse gave to your horses. 

Today is Sunday, my house is a mess my stalls need cleaned again, and I have paperwork to do for Tom's trucking company....makes for a pretty boring day.  Actually I do not mind boring one bit!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

UPDATE;  Eyes are looking more normal today...yay!  Everyone is eager to eat and feeling frisky....another yay!

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