Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Casper Mountain Fire

On Sunday afternoon we noticed a plume of smoke coming up from the back side of Casper Mountain.  We watched it burn from our house all night. We live on the other side of the interstate so the chances of it actually reaching is is pretty slim to none.  Yet we know that there are many others who live right there and we heard that several cabins had burned.

The next morning we woke to smoke on the front side of the mountain. There are many homes and ranches on this side. By noon they were calling for a full evacuation of the Hat Six Road Areas. 

this was taken from the back door of my job.
Up in that area is the state trust land where I enjoy riding.  I know that there is at least one ranch that has about 30 head of horses.  I was wondering how they would get them all out of there.  This spread so fast I don't know that they would have time to round them all up. 

My friend Jay said that he heard that the gates had been opened and all the horses let out so they could get to safety.  Whewwww!!!  When I see stuff like this I always want to grab my trailer and offer assistance, but they weren't even letting anyone in.

This one was taken closer to my home.  We got a tiny bit of rain which helped some and then the fire had moved down and around the mountain.

This one is the scary one.  Jay sent me this from his phone.  He is friends with the people who own this ranch.  Have to give some huge kudos to the firemen.  Not one single structure was lost on this ranch, only the fence. 

Not everyone was so lucky.  I heard that several ranches did burn but I do not know the exact number.

The fire is pretty much out now, and they are letting people back in.  I heard a rumor that someone actually saw someone start this fire.  I hope they catch that person and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.  If that is in fact what happened.

It makes me think of our camping trip a few weeks ago.  There is a fire ban on the entire state right now.  Yet there were many people who chose to ignore it and build fires anyway.  It did not matter to them that they were putting the entire area and all of their fellow campers at risk.  I just don't get it!

Anyway, no lives were lost that we know of, so that is good.  I have not heard if all animals made it to safety, prayers go out to all of those who are suffering loss and damage from this.  And thank you to the brave men and women who fought this fire tirelessly until it was contained.

UPDATE:  Not all of my information was correct, 6 structures were lost on the back side of the mountain.  400 people evactuated, and the fire is only 10% contained as of this morning. They do expect to have it completely contained by Saturday though.  I still do not know how many ranches in the Hat Six area were lost yet.

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