Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blind Mare Finds A home

For the few of you of follow my blog, you may recall the "Pink Eye" scare and the guy Randy, in Riverton, who ended up with a mare who is now blind in one eye. His vet said that his horses got it from my horse Killian, who was there for a week. (remember the "trade" I did because I thought I needed a better horse for ranch competitions?)(yea- stupid move on my part)

We still, of course, have no idea if it really was from my horse, as none of my horses every had to be treated for this condition. (One of these days I will share the vast knowledge I obtained while researching the various different forms of pink eye)

ANYWAY..... you also might recall that Randy told me he was sending this mare, that he just spent a thousand dollars on training for, off the the slaughter house. He said, "No body wants a blind horse." I was devastated, and considering buying her myself....well except that I am over the legal limit of horses on my property. But I was really torn on what to do about this, so I decided to wait and see how it all played out.

I just got off the phone with Randy, I asked about his mare, and he told me that he found a good home for her. He had mentioned his plans for her to some other people, and they said, "Don't do that, we have one blind horse already, and he is great! We will take her." So he gave her away to a loving home. YAY!!!!

This is the only pic I have of her- this is her good eye
I do not know her name
He always just called her the little black mare

Now I have learned much from this whole experience:

1. Follow your gut- guts never lie.
2.The grass is not greener over there- its a mirage!
3.Just because someone tells you they take good care of their horses, doesn't mean that they do.
4.Some people lie to get what they want
5. Most vets do not do enough research on things they don't know much about. (and will not admit it)
6.WY may be the "Cowboy State", but most of the cowboys I've met are not so nice to their animals.
7.If you think you need a better horse, try looking in your own back yard.
8.If you think you need a better horse, maybe the problem is the rider, not the horse.
9.Wyoming really is 20 years behind the rest of the world.
10.Bot flies look like bees.

That's it................. my wisdom for today.

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