Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hypnotic Filing????

Well I am off to Overland Park KS tomorrow morning for 4 fun filled days of "Office Manager Training".  I am seriously praying that they  have plans to hypnotize me so that I can become one of those strange people that enjoys filing.  Anything less than that, and I will feel that the whole thing is a waste of time.  Well that's not totally true, I'm sure there is something to be learned.....

Of course the weather is supposed to be decent while I am gone, and I'm a little irked at four good days of barn work being pushed aside.  Do I dare hope that the weather will hold once I return???

Naturally I will worry constantly about my herd.  I know that Tom will take good care of them, but I'm maternal....I'll still worry.

I hope all my fellow bloggers have a wonderful week.  I will try to check in from my phone, but don't know if I can.  I guess we will find out, huh?


Well Mason, the canine love of my life, threw up several times last night.  It took me a minute to figure out what it was sand.  Why is my dog throwing up sand?  Obviously he has been eating something off of the ground, but what?

He does not act sick, has his usual "me eat everything" appetite, is drinking plenty of water, but seriously, how am I not supposed to be worried about my dog while I am gone?   Its not like he can say..."well I found some yummy smelling poop in the dirt so I chowed it down and I'm paying for it"  He can't say..."Hey mom, feel like I'm gonna......oops too late!" 

I told Tom to watch him for 24 hours, make sure he is pooping, and if he is still throwing up, take him in.  Of course if his bowels are impacted with sand, its going to show up on an xray just like feces would. So that concerns me too.  I really don't have much confidence in the vets in this town.

Okay well here's keeping my fingers crossed that everything comes out okay (pun intended)  And trying to just trust my family to make good animal care decisions in my place. 

Oh, and I hate hate hate to fly!!!!  (the main reason I don't want to take this trip)

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  1. Well the report is that Mason is doing just fine and the ponies are all surviving without me. I'm sure they miss me terribly though. I know I miss them...oh and my family too!