Friday, October 5, 2012

One step Down several more to go

Well I managed to the fresh dirt rolled last night. 

After my midgets football game (they won- yay)  I reaced home and then over to Toms shop.  We got the roller started up, but then he decided to take the roof off of it so it would fit insisde the barn safely.

Its a good thing he has such an ample supply of tools and such.  He got an air impact to remover the bolts..... they wouldn't come off.  So he got a bigger air impact, they still wouldn't come off.  So he went out to the tire shed and got the "Big Daddy" air impact.  They STILL would not come off.  (Meanwhile it is getting darker and darker)  Finally he used a special ratchet that had a super long handle so he could stand on it and things started to move.  Well really they just broke the heads off the bolts but we got it off and I was on my way.

 Our house and his shop are about 1/2 a mile apart. It was a long half a mile, rollers don't have a high speed.

When I got there, all the ponies thought it was feeding time. Sassy kept following the roller, where ever I went, trying to show me that she was indeed very hungry, even though she had been grazing all day.

Here is the amazing part.....I even got the dirt inside rolled down tight and I didn't even take out any beams.  Hey I am impressed with myself., although there were a few close calls for sure!

I still have to soak it down with water to get it good and compact, we still have to set poles.  Hopefully Sunday.  Then we have gates and side rails.  We are still debating between wooden siderails or corral panels. Panels are more but mobile. Horses can (and mine will) chew wood, and they are more permanant.  I really want to just get this done....darn job keeps getting in the way!

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