Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More trip pics and "Why Blogging"

Here are some more pictures taken with my Sony Nex 5 Camera (which I love except that I need a better zoom lens for it)
Our Rig

I think these might be part of the Uinta Mountains

At our destination- I was blown away by their view.
  Wouldn't it be awesome to wake up to this every morning?

 They had 2 old labs and a couple of cats who were very friendly
but obviously did not want their picture taken
The start of the loading process- these curtain side vans are real handy
 Barrel Racers
 Here is Little Hippie again- so cute!
 One of the ponies for the grand kids
 I could not recall his name yesterday- but today "Jasper" comes to mind
Holy Hay Cubes Batman!!!!! 
All in all, even with the problems we had a good time, but then we usually do. There is something to be said for a man that you always have a good time with. Even when what you are doing wouldn't be considered "fun".
Tom doesn't understand why I do this blogging. He doesn't mind it but he doesn't "get it" either.  I don't have a lot of followers, which is ok.  I think it is really for me. Lately it seems as though my memory has more and more trouble functioning correctly.  (in really scary ways- sometimes) So maybe when my life is a fog I can come to my blog and look and read it all and hopefully remember.  Also I know that everything I post is out there forever now.  Maybe someday, after I'm long gone someone will run across it and say, "Hey, this is pretty cool. " (or maybe not)
One of the blogs I follow is the "old Picture of the day" which is really cool if you are a history buff like me.  But today he put an "embargo" on the pics because only one person commented yesterday.  Seriously????  It makes me wonder if he is blogging for recognition or because he enjoys what he is doing.  I enjoy his blog because he is preserving history. I thought that was his goal. I guess I was wrong.
I enjoy blogging, I love reading others blogs.  I comment sometimes, but sometimes I don't.  Even if I don't it doesn't mean I am not enjoying the blog.  It just means I did not have a comment for that particular post. Or perhaps it means that several others have already said what I was thinking, so why say it again?  Or maybe I just didn't have time..... Time is not something I have a lot of these days. 
 Just ask my poor unridden, unbrushed ponies!


  1. I sure like getting comments, but I'm also really bad at leaving comments, so I can't blame anyone for not commenting. Same thing here - either I have nothing to add, or I'm just too busy. And that word recognition thing after leaving a comment is a pain in the butt. Sometimes I just close the window rather than bother with it, even if it means my comment will be lost.

    I started blogging to promote mustangs, kept with it because I loved to brag about my mustang, and stay with it because I really like to write. It's kinda like meditation, or an exercise I really need to do. But often I'm so rushed I don't write much, just post pictures and very little written content. Pictures are a lot of fun too, so it's all good. :) I'm glad you blog, so stick with it!

  2. Ya the word recognition thing is awful.
    I hope my blog doesn't have that. I don't think it does.

  3. I just started a blog a few weeks ago, and while I have no followers and only a handful of comments, I still enjoy it! and I love reading other peoples blogs, however, I rarely comment. Which makes me feel bad when i realize I would like to be receiving comments too! But I totally get where your coming from!