Friday, October 12, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Well after 4 days in the big city of Kansas City I am so glad to be home. 
That isn't to say that I did not end up having a wonderful time, because I did.  (what a great bunch of gals I got to meet)  I sure was happy to to get home to the horse smells and the dog hair and my boys.

I have to say I was quite fortunate.  My brothers girlfriend saw on FB that I was headed out that way. They live in Columbia MO, which is only 100 miles from where I was.  I have never met her, and haven't seen him in several years so they made the drive up and we got to have dinner.  It was the highlight of the week for me.  Why we didn't get any pictures I do not know.  I ALWAYS get pictures!

I did get this picture

I found this guy on my bed one afternoon.  He was moving pretty slow so I didn't feel that I was in danger.  He eventually went for a long swim down the swirly bowl.  The morning I was leaving I found several in the window sill.  I forgot to tell the management.  One of the other gals there said I should have asked for another room.  I'm from WY...bugs are just a natural part of life I guess.

I went out to feed the horses this morning.  I have lost my forward progress with Trax.  He has gone back to his solitary soul state of mind. He won't come near me, unless I have food, and if I try to pet him even while he is eating he steps away.  Its been two weeks since I have spent any real time with him.  Its funny how my year and 3 months of gentle respecful contact cannot wipe out the years of disrespect he suffered at the hands of others. 

I talked with Jay about this, he reccomends an easy ride with lots of easy tasks that Trax is really good at, preferable things he likes to do, then lots of praise, end on a super positive, then a rub down and his favorite candies.  Then go out and catch him before feeding, pet and talk and love on him then let him go and eat.  The more times I can do this the better.

There is really only one thing besides eating that Trax loves to do, that is work a cow.   I don't have any cows.  I don't know anyone who has a cow I can work.  I may have to go rustle one.  If I put it back when I'm done is it still illegal?  LOL!

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