Monday, October 1, 2012

New Barn Pictures

I finally got my computer back at work, but today is the first and I have to get statements out and then catch up on all the stuff I couldn't do last week when my computer crashed.
But I am taking a "smoke break"  (I don't smoke...I blog) (lol) So decided to post a couple of barn pics real quick like.

This one is taken from where the horse runs will be. Looking into what will be the stalls.

A close up of my beautiful raking job. Once we get this packed down hard with water and the roller (like for road building) then we will install some nice rubber mats for inside. The outside runs will stay dirt.  It was all sand which just blows away as they walk on it, the fill dirt packs down nicely and is easier to keep clean.

This will be the hay cube storage.  We still have to close in our "windows" and put some sort of cover up on that wall. Then come the two doors.  One man door and a big sliding door at the back of one stall.  Then we can use the fork lift to carry the pallets in, set them in the storage area and then use the pallet jack to move them around in there. There is enough room for 14 pallets of hay cubes. That is more than I can use in a year.  The windows will have the see through corrugated siding, not so much so that we can see out, but to let light in. We will also have lights in side and outlets for tank heaters.  The hydrant for the horse water is about ten feet behind the barn so I will still have to run a hose, but last year I was running it about 300 feet. Now I will only have to run it about 20. Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep a 300 foot hose unfrozen in the winter????

Each horse will have its own stall and run.  About 40 feet each of traveling room x 9 feet wide.  The stalls will not close in, as my horses don't care for that.  They prefer openness and rarely even stand inside when it is cold.  But this will give them the ability to get out of the windy snow if they desire.  We will also move the gate going into the pasture down to the end of the runs, which is also even with the end of our dog yard.  That way the horses cannot get up around the outside of the barn, only to the inside.  We still have one more load of dirt to dump and spread where the runs will be.

This I took a few days ago, looking down from my back deck.  You can see the windows  which are not covered yet. 
I am very excited to have this barn!!!
Well "smoke break" is over, time to go back to work.
Take care everyone!


  1. I love your barn! I'd love to have something like it someday.

    I know what it's like to try to keep 300 feet of hose unfrozen! That's the same amount I have to run out to troughs every winter, and drag out in two different directions to fill troughs in different pastures. That is my least favorite part of winter.