Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sunrise and big surprise!

One thing about the fall, we sure get some nice sunrises.
This one is rather plain compared to some...but I liked it.

My next pic has nothing to do with horses...except for maybe horsepower.....

Tom called me the other day and said "Happy Birthday"  But I already had the picture hanging on my wall so I wasn't sure what he was talking about.
Yesterday he came and got me and we went and picked up this....

I'm going to go with...BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!!

It needs a little work in the steering, but nothing too bad.  I had been driving past it and and mooning over it for weeks.  I have a gazillion pick ups at my disposal to drive, but sometimes in town they are not practical. Parking lots seem to get smaller and smaller. This thing turns like a well trained cutting horse!  I am pretty excited about it, totally blown away, and I say once again...Tom is a good good man!

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