Monday, October 22, 2012

Some pics of the weekend

It was a pretty productive weekend- we got quit a bit done on the barn.

The beginnings of stall dividers

Danny Supervising

Trax is very interested in something, not sure what.

 The sky was cool on Friday

 Simon at the gun range shooting his new hunting rifle
 More cool sky
 Not every one cares for the windmills but I think they look cool here
 Sassy Says:  Hey Lady, did you fall down?
 Killian Says: Hey Sassy, look at this crazy lady!
 Sassy Says: I don't know what she is doing, do you? 
I love our view of the mountain.
Some Friends came over and their daughter wanted to go for a ride. Her name is Rachel.  She wants to learn how to, so I put her up on Killian and taught her how to use her legs to turn
  as well as the reins. 
 See that smile on her face!!
Look how well he takes care of a small child. 
I wish I had pictures of her leading him back to his pasture.  He watched her so closely to make sure he did not step on her.  Stopping when she stopped and then backing up if she backed up.
Killian is worth his weight in gold!

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