Monday, May 6, 2013

Connections and sadness

I had  a different post almost prepared, but it was trivial and silly, and a little bit whiney.
I have something much more important to talk about.

When TC and I were in AZ last December, we went to look at the most awesome property where we get to move to in a few month.  Often times when you go to look at a house, especially if there are agents involved, the sellers agent will instruct the owners to leave before the showing.  That was not the case for this place.  In fact the owner was there and was able to show us around, and answer all kinds of questions.

I liked her from the minute I met her. She was warm and friendly and it was clear that she and I have very similar tastes in many things. (to give you an idea of how much alike we are- when we weren't sure this deal was going to go through I was looking at a second option on line. When our deal did go through, they ended up buying my second option) We chatted for a very long time, about the house, but then also about many things that had nothing to do with this house.  I felt a real connection with this lady. I found out later that it was not just my imagination. She said later on that she felt it too.

As it turned out we did not get to meet her husband that day. He has bone cancer and was getting a bone marrow transplant.  We were hoping to meet him the next time we went down to complete the deal.

Life and schedules got in the way, and we ended up completing the deal on line and over the phone, but she and I have been speaking through emails. She has been wonderful about keeping an eye on the house, and we just chit chat about different things, horse things, and life things.

This morning I had an email from her. Her husband passed away on Saturday. They have 2 young children. My heart is breaking for this family right now.  I cannot even imagine how they are struggling right now.

I did of course respond to her email, but what do you say to the woman who has just lost her husband and best friend?  What do you say to the woman who just confided in you a few weeks ago that she was hoping to get moved and settled in so that her husband could just rest and enjoy their new home for a while? What do you say to this person that you barely know yet feel like you have known for a long time?  My words felt empty and hollow to me.

So today I ask God to watch over this family and help them through this terrible time. I ask him to take this man Jason into his arms and keep him free from pain anymore.

Rest in peace, Jason.

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  1. That is really sad. It sounds like they were expecting to have more time together. I can't imagine how hard it must be. I hope she has a good group of friends and family to support her and her kids through this.