Monday, May 13, 2013

Trax Kicks Butt...My Butt

I had another post, but when I re-read it an hour later, decided I hated it as much as he hates baths so I deleted it.

Basically I just want to say that he kicked my ass this weekend.
We rode for a couple of hours yesterday and I literally feel like I was hit by a truck.

He was all over the place.
There were actually times when he was galloping wildly around the arena and I was doing my level best just to hang on.

Part of it was my fault.

I did not check my headstall before I put it on. (Yes I know, a stupid move) and it was set for Killian.  Killian has a head the size of an elephant.  So the bridle didn't fit, the bit was hanging down inside of his mouth.  I finally saw what was going on and fixed it, but by then the damage was done.  He had already decided that he was in charge.

Finally, after we were both exhausted I was able to get a controlled lope out of him, along with some downward transitions to a trot, and then a walk.
We did a few stops. I can't seem to remember to not lean back.
We worked on was hit and miss.

The show is in 2 weeks. We have 2 more lessons between now and then.
I do not feel that we will be ready for a Ranch Pleasure Class. Especially if things keep going the way they have been. Scratch that class.
That leaves halter and Trail.
I gave him a bath, but I cannot wash his face.  Let me rephrase, I can wash it but I can't rinse it, and it is filthy.   Scratch the halter class.
That leaves the trail class.
If I can wear him down enough in the morning, I might be able to keep him from racing from one obstacle to the next.

He kicked my butt this weekend.
Which is a shame, because did you see how nice he looked after his bath?

I'm trying to hold on the thought that all of this that I have been going through is not about ribbons, it is about turning off his freight train switch and turning on his slow and steady switch.

I am not giving up, but I am sore enough right now, I almost wish I could.


  1. Oh man, those are the worst rides. I feel your pain. But! Don't worry, I'm sure you guys will do fine. For Jingle, atleast, I always find that a new surrounding and new environment almost makes him listen to me more because he needs to trust in me - he's always better away from home, and since they are painted brothers - I hope Trax is the same.

    I say, do the classes, and if you suck - you suck! It's a learning experience.

    1. lol! If we suck, we suck....I don't know why I find that so funny...true but funny.

      I have read enough of your blog to know you have those days when you are discouraged. I think that is where I am at right now.

      On the other hand, I just found out that TC is on his way to Sheridan and won't be back till tomorrow evening, which gives me the ability to go ride after work, guilt free. So sore or not, discouraged or not, I'll get back up there are try again.

      Thanks for the boost in confidence (ie. its okay to suck, lol)

  2. you will have won if you just go. Best of luck

  3. Just getting out there and showing is a victory in itself. From what I know of the Ranch Horse type shows the people are very welcoming and inclusive and you will only be judged harshly by your own self. :) It IS a learning experience. In theatre we have a belief that a terrible final dress rehearsal will equal a fantastic opening night performance, because that's usually how it happens. So keep on truckin' and do your best and you will succeed!

  4. Ditto what everyone said! :-)