Thursday, May 2, 2013

More Videos

I took these yesterday with the good camera to send to Steve.

They don't really show anything different than the last ones I posted. I just want them up here for my own reference.

I have another lesson with Mark tonight. It will be nice to ride and get my mind off of worrying about Sassy as well. Plus I will ask him to give me some of his thoughts on where things are going with her.

One thing I finally had to tell myself is that although I can't leave her like this forever, another day or two or even a week, is not going to matter so much.

I found these on my camera, I forgot I took them

Handsome boys! 


  1. Can I mention that i LOVE the tumbleweed she is trying to eat while she trots?! hahahah.

    Honestly, I suck at watching horses and determining lameness. But if I saw a video of Sassy, I would think she moves slightly funny/stiffly, but I don't see much visual lameness. Not to say that its not there, but I know a lot of times when we think or know that something is wrong, we nitpick and find 'offness' when there isn't any. It's seriously so easy to do. So I think that she is still looking better than she did before you started on her treatment.

  2. I want to make sure what I meant came through in my comment....

    I definitely do think that there is still something going on with her, but that you could possibly be seeing more than is actually there, because at this point you've been watching SO carefully, and I know what we begin to notice is that all horses could be a little unbalanced, or have a funny way of moving a certain muscle, etc. Like, I bet if you put trax in the roundpen and watched for lameness, you'd find funny little quirks, I know because I do it to Pony all the time. I have the "omg is that normal or is she off" moments quite a bit.

    And I think it's really tough not to want a quick and easy miracle cure, but you have to remember where she was in the beginning, and where she is now! I definitely think that MK will be able to give you a good opinion, if you ask for it! Since clearly he won't be offering it teehee :)

    I hate it when people offer their opinions when its REALLY not wanted hahah (Not saying that at any point you wouldn't have wanted his opinion, just that it's refreshing to have someone thats not in the middle of everyones business)