Thursday, May 16, 2013

Danny Makes his Demands

I was sitting here at work today and for some reason decided I needed to go home at lunch time.  I rarely ever leave work at lunch and when I do I don't usually go home. I can't even say for sure why I felt like I needed to go home, after all I had brought a sandwich to eat so it wasn't because I needed food.  I just really felt like I needed too.

When I got home, I didn't even go in the house.  I made a beeline for the pasture.

No I do not know why.  I just did.

Trax was grazing on the hillside, Danny was down lower and whuffled to me as soon as he saw me, I went over and scratched his itchy back for him and got off more winter hairs.  His whuffle is how he says hello.  He is the only horse I have that makes that sound.  The other nicker once in a while at feeding time, but Danny whuffles every time he sees me.

Trax headed down towards us, but before I could even walk up to him, here comes Sassy from around one of the old barns.  She was supposed to be in her pen.  That must be the reason I was "supposed" to go home.  She had already had a full breakfast of haycubes, which no one gets if they are getting out on the pasture.  She obviously had already stuffed herself, her belly was looking pretty full.  So much to her dismay she was caught and put back in her pen. With her lameness issues already I always worry about laminitis with her.

Naturally Killian was quite upset that his mare was out there with those other boy horses. He told her so too, by pinning his ears and making ugly faces at her as I put her away. She just flicked her tail at him.  Afterwards I spent a little time with each horse.

As I was headed out to leave I noticed that Danny was, once again trying to tell me something.

I WANT those grasses over there!  Please come open the gate for me. 
 Danny is much harder to keep weight on than the rest so he pretty much gets anytime access to the dog yard which has a lot more grass than the pasture.  Of course this is dependent on whether or not there is a full water tub, or I am home to let him out to get to the water after an hour or so.    

He spent the next five minutes nodding his head up and down to tell me that I needed to get my butt over there an open his gate.

Yes yes yes

"Sorry bud not right now"
Yes yes yes

"Danny there is no water in there and I don't have time to get any for you"

You must come open the gate- you cannot resist my cuteness

"It is hard I admit, but I must go back to work"

Work smork, you get over here right now and open this gate!

Don't make me get ugly about it

Trax says" MmmmmmGrasses"
Danny "Heavy sigh...this isn't working"

Hey Lady!!!! Don't leave, come open the gate! 

I would have loved to just stay there with them, and let him into his secret garden. But alas, someone has to earn a paycheck around here and it isn't going to be any of those four legged family members!


  1. Ps. If you bigify the pictures and then click through them really fast it is almost like a video! LOL

  2. I love the frustration nodding! Maybe I'm mean, but I think it's adorable... except in cross ties...

    1. I think it is hilarious! I have never cross tied any of my horses, they stand with a single tie or they go down the road sideways until they will.

  3. This is just too funny!!! Danny is very expressive and I love his persistence. :-)

    Karen and Tripp