Friday, May 3, 2013


I noticed last night that my cheapo knock off Mylar bit is already starting to rust.  Knowing that I have a horse with mouth issues, I think the time has come for me to step up and spend a little extra money on a decent bit.  I really like the Mylars, so that is probably what I will go with, but I'm not sure which design I want to choose this time.

This is pretty close to what I have now.  But he does tend to throw his head up in the air with this one.

I was looking at this one which obviously is still a snaffle but would not be able to pinch. But I cannot use this in the show and to be honest I cannot afford 2 right now.

I could probably get away with this in the show, as the rules state you have to use something with a shank. It cannot pinch is curved to lift off the tongue.

I think this is basically the same as the previous only without the roller.

There is about 20 dollars difference between option 2 and 3, and those are the 2 I am leaning towards.

Any thoughts?


  1. I don't see much difference between 2&3. If Trax like to play with things and chew on his bit a lot, he might like the roller. If he doesn't then he probably won't care.

    1. He doesn't really play with it much, so I could probably do with out that one.

  2. I love the Myler snaffles. Expensive but worth the money in my opinion.

  3. Hmm.. that's tough, I would lean towards three if that's the one you like because you have to show in a shanked bit. I've used shank bits with rollers and three-piece mouths, and each time I found that the horses like them a lot more than a broken mouth piece, especially head-tossers, so I definitely think your on the right bit-track! However, if you do most of your training in a snaffle, go with that and then you can find a knock off to practice/show in.

  4. I am an eggbutt snaffle gal through and through , i I have to go to a shank for show I would go for a low port curb.

  5. I've owned all of these bits. Not knowing your horse, it's hard to give advice. It would be nice if you could test-ride all of them. All I can say is that the only ones I still have are snaffles - D and O ring, and one with slight tongue relief (port). I sold the shanked bits. My horse already had a shanked bit that he totally loved and he didn't like these better.

    About the rust, any bit made with sweet iron is going to rust. A lot of the Mylers are polished sweet iron, so they will rust once you use them, but the horses like them anyway. If it's just regular old metal that's rusted, that's probably not as good. I've been known to taste a bit to see if it has the "tang" of sweet iron or if it's just yucky.