Sunday, May 26, 2013

Train Wreck Video

I will have the trail video together tomorrow, but for now here is this.

You might note the words to the song.  It is Jalan Crossland's "Slow Your Pony Down"

Everyone had some great comments yesterday and I haven't had time to go back and answer them all. But one thing I want to comment on is that I did have fun, and I am definitely not giving up yet.  You see, the things he wouldn't do, I know he can. I have seen him do it. I have been on him when he did it. So we just have to get over another hurdle. The more shows and events we go to the the better we will be. I know it!

I showed up, I did the best I could. I tried to execute the best horsemanship I could without just letting him run all over me. To me that was much more important that just fudging through the pattern.

Also I as I watch my video I can see that there were times when he felt awful to me, but he didn't look too too bad. Not great but not as bad as he felt, for sure.  I also wonder why I didn't push him towards the fence further knowing that he wasn't going to stop.  Perhaps that is why he wouldn't.  You see our practice arena is  smaller and I use every inch of it. So I always stopped him at the fence when we practiced that arena.  Perhaps he was trying to tell me that I was stopping in the wrong spot. LOL!

I spoke with Kim today, and she says that we should start riding at the fair grounds no less than one day a week. She offered to pick my horse up in the morning, and she will drop them both off at the stalls. It is 5 dollars to leave them there during the day. Then we can go there after work. and just HIT IT!  I am all for that!!!!

Well off to eat my dinner now.

Thank you again everyone for your wonderful comments.


  1. You might try putting a running martingale on him. If you watch the video, when he wants 'away' from the bit he sticks his nose in the air.

  2. When I watch the video, all I can think is "Get your hands out of his face!" Then again, if I had, he would have been racing laps around the arena!

  3. Watching your video is so frustrating to me, because I know how it is to sit on that horse and feel them ready to take off at any second and want to let go of their mouth but not knowing how. Thats how a lot of Pony's gymkhana was. So frustrating! But way to go sticking with it, and at least there is only up from here!

  4. I think the running martingale sounds like a good idea too. It looks like towards the end of the video he starts to relax a little and drop his head. Maybe he needs more warm up time to settle and relax. At least you had a good time and were safe. Having fun is what it's all about.

  5. One more comment - I think he looks great! I think he has a nicer head than your trainer's horse in the halter class.