Friday, May 3, 2013

Trax Has Another Story

 Hello Nice Ladies of the World With Big Hearts For Their that is really a mouthful. Perhaps I should start just say, never mind, that is even worse. We'll just go with Nice Ladies!

Today I am here to tell you the story of how I was almost eaten by sharks and whales and leeches and all kinds of other mean and nasty creatures that live in the wild waters.

It all started when I thought my lady was coming out
to feed me.  But she did not feed me, instead she shut my gate and then put a halter on me and made me get dressed.  It was late in the day so I knew it could only mean one thing, we were going to see MK again.  Now don't get me wrong, I like MK and all but seriously, some days I want to just be able to do what I want, and he does not allow that sort of thing.  MK is not a human to be trifled with. It isn't that he is mean, but he is certainly the herd leader FOR SURE!

When we got to MK's barn my lady worked me in the big building where the monsters live outside. The monsters must have been sleeping though because I did not hear them at all.  She made me move in circles around her at different speeds and spent a lot of time telling me what a good boy I am. (well duh)

MK was riding the youngster again. His name is Tumbleweed, he is just a teenager, but he seems like a nice kid so I will say that we are friends.

Once again we did not stay in the barn but rode up the road and too the mountain trails. I get a little nervous up there, but Tumbleweed is calm.  I think it is because I am wise of the world and I know that there are big cats and bears and wild wolves up there just waiting to attack us from behind. So I am always on the look out, and ready to run so that I may keep my lady safe from harm.

This is the mountain area where we ride. You can't see it,
but there is a ravine just past the first patch of
snow. We go down and battle monsters.

 We are always having to cross wild waters. I usually make Tumbleweed go first in case there are sharks or leeches or something, waiting to get us.  He is my "bait".. snort!  One time he saw the sharks too and did not want to go. So MK kept pushing him. Tumbleweed got mad and bucked.  I was like, Awww man he's gonna get it now!  MK won and Tumbleweed went through the wild waters..

Sometimes the water is moving fast, sometimes it is more of a mud pit and I sink up to my hocks. Sometimes I think it is quicksand and I am afraid I will not get out at all, so I jump it instead. This makes my lady say bad words.  One time I jumped it and "accidentally" ran my lady into a tree. Then she really said some bad words! I don't know why though, I did not succeed in feeding her to the sharks, all she got was a little scratch.

I think that MK is tired of her saying bad words, because I heard him say, "If he keeps that up, you are going to get hurt. Do you mind if I take him back over that?"

I was saying, "NO NO NO!"

My Lady says, "Oh sure."

Then I was the one saying bad words.

 This is me standing in the wild waters. What you can't see is that there were sharks and whales and big ugly leeches circle around me, just waiting for the chance to suck all the blood out of my legs so that I cannot run away. That is how they work ya know. They suck out your blood and then when you fall down the eat you alive!!!! But MK promised me that he would not let them hurt me so I was vurrrry brave and stood there for a long time. We went back and forth several times until all the sharks and whales went away. I think the leeches were still close by, but I think they are afraid of MK, because they did not touch me. Whewwww!

Meanwhile back on the bank...

 My lady was playing with Tumbleweed, telling him how cute and brave he was!

  What about me down here battling sea monsters for you?!?

 I wanted to run up the hill and tell her all about my narrow escape, but MK made me stop and stand. Sheesh Dude!!  Can't you see that she is fraternizing with that other horse?

 Finally he let me go up the hill to where she was waiting for me. When I got there she said I was a good boy.

Yeah right, I heard you up here cheating on me when you thought I wasn't looking.

So then we headed on our ride. From then on I crossed the wild waters much better for my lady, except once, and she made me go back and do it again.  I really wanted to go home and eat my dinner so from then on I did not argue.

We went as high as we could go and then turned around and headed home. When we were coming back down we found an old human barn and went to investigate. (I don't know why she didn't take pictures of that- it was purty cool)

This is us riding off into the sunset like in the cowboy movies. 
No I have not ever seen a movie, but I have been told stories. 

Then she stopped to take a picture of where we had been

That is my most handsome shadow. 
Then I heard a big cat behind me and so I jumped and tried to get my lady out of there. She did not have a hold of the reins,(because she was taking pictures) and I thought she was going to fall off. As it turns out it was not a big cat but just Tumbleweed playing jokes on me.   I'll remember that later on buddy!

When we got back to MK's barn my lady undid my belt so that I knew that we were done, but she undid it too much and as we walked up the hill to the trailer my saddle almost fell under my belly.  So she had to hold it on there and make me walk in front of her. I wasn't sure what she wanted at first, but once I understood it, I led her all the way to the trailer.

She gave me 2 candies for being a good boy. 
I wanted 2 more but she wouldn't give them to me. 

So I gave her the cold shoulder. 
I saved her from sharks and leeches and big cats, all past my dinner time.
I think I deserved 2 more! 


  1. He did deserve 2 more, but I gave him a little extra dinner instead. What I have to say about this ride, is that Mark and I talked a lot while riding. He is always watching me and at the end of the ride he told me that I have got to let go of Trax's face even more. He says I am doing better, but if we are ever going to teach him to stop nice, we have to reframe his mind. Right now when I take a hold of his face it means nothing to him. So from now on I have to give him a loose rein, and if he starts to take off, then I take his face (not hard, just enough to remind him) and then the minute he changes what his feet are doing I have to let go. He says if I do that enough Trax will recognize that taking his face means slow your feet down. So that is my homework for the week.

  2. yes you deserve more candies, but your lady is trying to keep you as fit and handsome as you are now! WHat a good boy