Thursday, May 9, 2013

Horse Shopping Makes Me Sad (and Happy)

Okay, yes I'll admit it, I was horse shopping today.

No I'm not really looking to buy right now.

But when I continue to contemplate putting Sassy down, that opens up a stall for a different horse.

TC wants me to sell my jeep and buy a motorcycle.
I'd rather sell my jeep and buy another horse.

A good horse. (aka without baggage)

A preeeeettty horse.

A horse that has four legs would be nice as well!

So as I ate my lunch I browsed horse clicks a little.
I will not be posting links to ad's that are just ridiculous  I shall leave that for the pro's.

But there were ad's that made me sad.

Paint gelding $150.00  from the reservation in AZ. "I can't afford him" (scrawny and scraggly and uncared for)

Paint gelding for adoption- "he wants his own person" (not gorgeous but not ugly either so hopefully he finds his person)

Clydsdale horse- $1300.00  "He drives great but doesn't like to be ridden so I don't want him" (pretty pretty horse hopefully someone picks him up for a team)

19hh horse-(yeah okay) "need to find him a home, super gentle loves dogs" (complete with picture of dog chasing him around the peoples in town back yard with the kiddie pool, lawn chairs and 6 ft brick wall- trust me he was not having a good time)

Stuff like that makes me sad. I wish there was a way to save them all.

Then I have to laugh at the 3 ad's obviously not real ad's that all were worded exactly the same
"These horses are strong and brave and jump very high"
 But pictures that were obviously pulled off the internet.  Gee no one will ever figure out that those are a scam!

There were some nice ones though. 

I like this guy, and his color doesn't have anything to do with why.  I just like him.  Although there is one picture I didn't post that kind of looks like one of his front feet turns in a little.  But then again it could have just been a bad camera angle.

Same folks have this guy.
I like him too.

I kind of like this one too, one of Sherry's from Super Gentle Horses

Ooh sexy! But hasn't been ridden in 3 years. 

But Damn! Talk about a beefcake!

I especially like this guy, he is trained in the areas I'd like to compete and he is nice looking as well.

I have always loved roans and this one is a nice one I think- but he is only 5. 
Not that 5 is bad, if they have been worked with consistantly but at my age sometimes
an older horse is the better way to go. 

There were many others, but these are the only ones that might have been in my price range if I sell my jeep. 
I don't know why I do this to myself.  Does anyone else horse shop for no reason other than to torture themselves?


  1. Love the red roan! Horse shopping is great fun, even if you're just looking.

  2. Such a lot of sad stories of the unloved and unwanted. Reminds me of how lucky I am. If only we could save the world huh?

  3. Funny I was just looking at sale horses today too, like I need another horse, i have to sell like 5 before I can think of buying one. It is sad some of the sale ads out there, its no wonder people are wary when buying.

  4. I like to look at the horse ads too! Unfortunately, I too want to bring all the sad ones home - just like at the horse auctions.

  5. Word of advice here- steer clear of Super Gentle. Things are not always what they seem.