Thursday, January 17, 2013

Can you Strangle a Computer?

I am so fed up with computers.  My computer at home is archaic. I cannot edit any pics there, and most pics I take need a little help.  My internet service (Wild Blue) is the worst (but all I can get). Remember the video I posted the other day of Jalan Crossland?  It is a 4:02 min video.  It took 324 minutes to upload that to you tube.  I'd be better off with dial up.  It wouldn't be that big of a deal if I wasn't paying top dollar for that lousy service.  Over 100 a month and if I go over my alloted "usage" they cut my service in half.  I hate that company.

 I have a great computer at work, but for some reason everything has gone whacko.   I cannot upload a pic to my blog from here. For some reason our internet service at work is all jacked up.  It takes forever to load a page and sometimes it never does and I have to start over.  This is true for all websites. My banking websites, parts suppliers websites, and my personal non work related stuff too.
IT says they have fixed it, but everymorning it starts again.

 (Before you think less of me for doing personal computer stuff while on the clock, let me point out, that the shop guys take smoke breaks.  I take blog breaks.)

Ok, moving on.....

For Christmas Tom gave me an IOU for a new lens for my Sony Nex 5.  I was not going to redeem it, as he spends too much on me as it is.  He insisted.  When I got the camera I thought it came with a pretty decent lens but it didn't have a good zoom on it. The new one is a 4.5-6.3/55-210.  Not exactly sure what that means (200mm???)

I haven't had much of chance to use it yet. But I did experiment a little.

I took this through my bedroom window looking down into the pasture.  I did not crop or edit this one. It is what it is. Not to shabby when you consider how dirty my windows are.  (Hey second story! LOL)

Now in order to get this on here today, due to a limit of time this morning.  I had to upload to an unpublished post, then save, then come to work and ad to this post. What a pain!

Oh wait.  I did say I was moving on, didn't I?

Here are some pics I took a few weeks ago.  These are pics of pics that are hanging on the wall in Toms Mom's basement. I guess these are of her late husband, George.   I just think they are great pics!

Today is Thursday, I unblanketed my ponies this morning.  I tried to get some pics of their shenanigans this morning as they went out and rolled and scratched their back.  I will hopefully post those either tonight or in the morning.  Keeping fingers crossed!
UPDTAE # 2: Thank Marissa, got it fixed! 


  1. That is SUCH a pain!

    When you go to edit a post, click on the picture, and above or below it it should give you an option to make it small, medium, large, x large, or original sized. Those will make it larger or smaller, DSLR's take with a much larger format (I'm a photo nerd, I almost went to college for it haha) so thats why its bigger than your other pictures.

    I love the pictures of your (late father in law?)
    They're awesome! I found a lot similar to that of my grandfather! They were awesome, I love just how old they look!

    Also, I love your new header! Is that Danny getting frisky? Haha they both look so fuzzy

    1. Thats funny, while you were reading I was experimenting with all kinds of different pics I just took this morning. I tried 5 or 6 different ones, they all look cool, but I think I like this one. Oh yes they are fuzzy fuzzy. And yes that is Danny in the back.
      I see that some of my neighbors try to keep their ponies from growing in a winter coat. I do not. With the wind chills we have here, it is a must!
      I will go in and try to make that one smaller.

    2. I love winter coats! It doesn't get nearly as cold here as it does for you, our coldest is like 20 at night, and thats when its REALLY cold. usually it'll linger around 30-40 at night through the winter. Enough that everything is frosted in the morning, and once in a while pipes will freeze. Pony has never had a blanket though, and her coat is funny, it grows in thick, but not fuzzy at all. Like, looking at her she barely looks like she has a coat. She used to go blankeless is colorado winters though, so she probably grows in a ridiculous coat if she needs it!

      I just love hugging a horse that has a really thick coat though, its so warm and fuzzy. Its the shedding that I'm not a huge fan of haaha