Monday, January 21, 2013

The important job

Well thanks to some great info I found on another blog- I uploaded Google Chrome, and got my full blogger back.
So now I can return to picture posting as usual.

This the Might Killian, doing his important job, holding the Camera Bag with my new, very expensive telephoto lens in it.  I have to tell you that while he stood there, we were filming Trax, there were other horses moving in and out of the arena and other people as well. Note that the reins are looped over his neck, he is not ground tied.  He never even took a step.  He stood there and held that camera bag like it was precious cargo, which it is.

With that in mind, I will also post another video here, of Killian's even more important job, taking care of Simon.  Before you watch it, let me say that Simon obviously inherited his video skills from me, as my video of him is just as shaky as his video of me.    Killian really is a very good boy.  I would like to see Simon ride him in the youth division of the RH Comp in June, but he says he isn't interested.  It would be good for both of them. Killian would get some good exercise without getting too much, and Simon would get some seriously needed riding experience.

Now let me conclude today with some random pics from the other day. 

 Hey it okay if I go roll?
 Trax: I'm not waiting for permission!

 Killian: Are you bringing food?
 Killian: Seriously Lady...where is the food?
 Sassy:  Can I have mine over here so Killian doesn't eat it all?
 Trax:  Hey Lady!  Watch this!
 Danny: Hey! I wanna roll there! 
Trax:  I like being NAKED!!! (without a blanket)


  1. Aw killian is so sweet with Simon haha. Danny clearly does not let his string halt slow him down!

  2. Well I would say Killian is worth his weight in gold!!!