Thursday, January 31, 2013

One Smart Horse

A friend of mine just posted this video on my FB page with a note
"Don't let your horses watch this!"
He doesn't have horses, in fact we only met through playing vampire wars, back in the day.
Yet we have been friends for what, 4 years now I think.  We have absolutely nothing in common, and live several states away,  but we seem to find something to say to each other at least once a week. Kind of cool, I think. It is one of the things I like about FB. One of the few things I still like about it.

But that isn't supposed to be what this post is about.

I had another post for today, but when reading it later on, found it to be too depressing.  Although I appreciate the two comments I got. They shared good information and really made me think about where I was coming from.
I need something to make me smile.

Here is the video that made me smile.

"Do not let your horses watch this"

One smart horse!


  1. Love this! he is too good at that! Wondered where the other post went.Remember we are a pretty good little community I think and will be here for good and sad posts

  2. That's funny. I guess he didn't like the horse in the first stall, since he didn't open that door.