Wednesday, January 9, 2013

EC Day 16

Your most recent fall.

My most recent fall was not a fall at all.  I was bucked off by a crazy paint mare.  Her name was Miss Revlon.  In some ways she was the most wonderful horse, easy to catch, easy to trim, loved to be groomed.  In other ways she was just awful; impossible to load, hard to saddle, harder to ride.
Revlon was bad enough, that my trainer worked with her two times.  Both times it went very badly, and I did not ask him again.  I worked with her on my own, just baby steps, until I felt safe enough to ride her in my neighbors round pen.  Even then I still worked her very hard before I got on her.

Over a year or so she did come quite a ways and even Jay was impressed with the work that I had done with her.

 One day I decided to ride her.  I saddled her up and ground worked her just a little.  She seemed soft and compliant so I just got on her.  She face planted me in about 2 seconds.  I got back on her, she face planted me again.  I ground worked her a lot harder and then got on again, she face planted me one more time.  The last time I got on her, I worked her until the sweat was pouring off of her. She tried to buck me off one more time, but it was a half-assed attempt.  I ran her around one of the pastures for an hour, until she finally acted like something other than a jerk.  Then we walked until she was cooled off.  It was the last time I rode her.   The welts on my legs were awful from hitting the saddle horn so many times.  I knew then that this was a horse that needed more work than I could give.

This is Revlon right before she went to her new home
Miss Revlon now lives in Nebraska with "her person" Nicole.  Nicole is a barrel racer and Revlon has race blood in her.  She is very fast.  She loves Revlon and has done wonders with her.  Giving her away to Nicole was the best thing that could have ever happened with her.  They are perfect together.  It was also the best thing for me, because getting rid of her opened the door for me to get Trax.
On a completely different subject, the vet is coming down from Buffalo today to see my ponies.  He is going to see how Sassy is healing, he is going to check Danny's bad leg, and I am going to go ahead and get Killian his full check up.  Trax is the only one who doesn't need attention. The weather is nice today, which I am grateful for, I hate trying to doctor horses in 40 mph wind or freezing cold.  I am very anxious to see what he has to say about Killian, and I am hoping that he says Sassy is healing about as he expected.  If he says she needs the corrective shoes again, I don't know what I will do. 


  1. Hahahaha poor miss revlon! Thats the perfect example of two personalities just not working together.

  2. Sounds like the right fit for Miss Revlon, good to find a home for here where she is happy and you are safe