Thursday, January 3, 2013

Unanswered Questions

This morning as I was out doing my morning chores (hmmm that was a little redundant- lets start over)

Okay, so this morning I was out doing my chores before work.  I had skipped the pen cleaning yesterday so figured I'd better get out there a little early to catch up.  6:30 am I had on all three layers and was out the door.  While I was out there, several questions came to mind.  I do not have the answers to these questions.

1. Why does Killian's pen freeze more solid than the other 3?

2. Why do the two red horses (Sassy and Killian) each poop (on their own) as much as Danny and Trax combined? (Mind you I 'm not complaining, at least I know their systems are working good)

3. Why doesn't "Daylight Savings time" save me even one minute of daylight for doing chores?
(don't tell me it is designed to save electricity- saving electricity went out the window the minute teenagers were invented)

4.Why does 24 degrees feel colder than 11 degrees?

5. Why do birds suddenly appeeeaarrrr, every time, you are near?  (oh wait that was Karen Carpenters question)

6. Why is silk warmer than cotton?

7. Why is it, that no matter what time I get up, no matter how fast I try to move, no matter how quickly I try to get everything done...why am I always leaving for work when I should have been there already?

8. Why am I cleaning these pens by hand, trying to chip out frozen piles of poop with my aluminum rake (without much success) when I have a perfectly good tractor (yes it fits in the pens) sitting right up outside the gate??????!!!!!!?????

The world may never know.

1 comment:

  1. 1. Windchill
    2. Windchill
    3. Windchill
    4. Windchill
    5. Windchill
    6. Windchill
    7. Windchill
    8. Murphys law it's easier to fight with an aluminum rake in the windchill than start the tractor.

    Now you know