Friday, January 11, 2013

Some things to brighten my outlook

So in my quest to brighten my outlook on life (after the depressing visit from my vet) I have found a few tidbits of info.

1. There are good farriers in WY, and now I have a list.  (fist pump) YESSS!!!!!

2. I have exactly 5 months and 24 days until the next local Ranch Horse Competition.  So now I, no WE (as in Trax and I),  have a deadline, and goals to meet.

                 A. My first goal for this weekend, is to work on Trax's fear of ropes.  I think we will start with the log pull.  Tom made one for me to pull around, and I think it is the first step.  Maybe the second.  Maybe we will start with lunging with a rope draped over his hind end.  No sense putting my self at risk for a face plant.

                 B. My second goal will be learning how to feel what lead he is in, and figuring out how to get those easy lead changes out of him.

                  C. Third goal will be gates.  Opening and closing with me on his back.  Now that I can move his parts around with my feet this should get easier.

                  D. Fourth goal will be to continue on with softness and leg cue exercises.  Oh and stops....gotta work on those stops!

3. There is another show coming up in Feb, it is dressage and western pleasure.  I will not even attempt to compete, but I will make a point of going to watch.  I am sure there is much to be learned there.

4. Because I now know that my trainer is going through some personal issues and most likely will not be around much to help me (no that does not brighten my outlook) I now know that it is up to me to figure this stuff out on my own.  I am now armed with a new determination that I did not have before. I was counting on his help and since I know I won't have it, I will have to meet this challenge. 


5. and totally unrelated, Butch is doing a gazillion times better with his new suppliments.  He is like a new dog!


  1. Sorry to hear about your bad vet visit! I hate not knowing exactly what's wrong and whether it can be fixed. Not fun at all.

    Glad to hear Butch is feeling better! Joint supplements made a huge difference for our old dog. She lived a lot longer because of them.

    In regard to learning new stuff without a trainer - you might want to look up Giddyupflix online. It's like Netflix but for horse videos. LOTS of good stuff on there. I've been subscribing since I got the donkeys. Now I'm on to horse stuff again. Going to watch a Wendy Murdoch DVD tomorrow. I can't wait!

    1. Thanks Andrea, I will check that out.

  2. Yaa for Butch :)

    And sounds all like good plans, its always good to have a plan. I never know what lead I am in unless going in a circle cause it feels awkward if its wrong. But luckily all my horses just automatically change leads when I change direction. I think most people try to hard and make it harder than it is really.