Thursday, January 17, 2013

EC Day 17??? (I hope thats right)

Who is my equestrian idol.

Well of course we all would like to be more like Buck, or Dennis, or Clinton, or Parelli, or Charlie Hill, or any of those big name guys who seem to have it all figured out.

Temple Grandin of course is also just amazing.

But my real idols?????

Well that would be the most amazing women I have met through Equine Blogging.
Let me tell you why.

The first blog I ran across was when I searching out information on stringhalt.  The first one I found was Shannon's.  Through her I found more, and more and more.  I have a pretty huge reading list now and everyone blogs about different things, but there is one thing that many, if not all of us have in common.  It seems we almost all have at least one horse with special needs of some kind.  For some it is physical, for others it is in regards to training.  Many of the blogs I read share a common theme of women who work so hard to keep not so sound horses, more sound, or at least comfortable. 

I feel that I am often surrounded by people who say, "Why are you going to all that trouble for that old horse, or that unbroke mare?"  They would have me ship them off to slaughter, or just take them out and shoot them.  I believe, that with perseverance, my horses can be helped. I am willing to go the extra mile for them. I am lucky enough to have a man in my life who feels the same way.  But truthfully I felt isolated in my goals, and often felt depressed when even the vets had nothing more to say than, "He can't be helped".  

Then I found you folks, the ones who treat their horses with EPM instead of just putting them down.  The one who duct tapes her little donkey's foot (with a hole in it) and searches for new boots that will fit him.  The ones who rescue mustangs and give them a new life. The one who has the for sight to chose leasing a horse for now, until she is more prepared to own.   The ones who have learned how to do their own trimming.  The one who is starting over with her Arabians to rebuild their foundation. The ones who rescue the donkeys in NM.  The one with the Morgans.  The one who pulled off the shoes of her mare and rehabed her into a barefoot life of comfort. The one who lost "her guy" but then was able to rescue the mammoth brothers, even through the pain of her loss.   All of it...all of you.  I'm sure there are some I have left out, but every blog I read is included in this.


At a time when most of the world sees animals as disposable, I have run across a group of people spread out all over the world who go to great lengths to help horses with different health issues. This is a big deal to me. 

As far as I am concerned it is people like you that are the real hero's of the equine world. Not the big time trainers who make all kinds of money. It is you ladies, who keep on keeping on, for the love of your horses, and donkeys, and dogs.

You are the people I want to be when I grow up.


  1. Aw that was such a sweet post, it blew my day 17 out of the water!!

    It honestly is true, without all the people who treat their horses with respect, and care for them even when they are lame, the big bucks trainers wouldn't have anyone to train! All of the blogs I read give me hope when I have a seriously shitty ride, provide me with ideas for ways to get past the tough stuff, and is heartwarming to read about the struggles with keeping their horses healthy and happy

  2. What an amazing post! You made my morning. :)

  3. Hear hear! My fave blogs are those of people who have ordinary horses and other animals and just love them and try to do well by them. Being a clicker trainer and into TTouch and so on, I do sometimes feel alone here in backwards Western Australia (at least when it comes to horse training) but the blogs help and I know there are people all over the world who think and feel like I do even if we are taking different paths.