Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sassy Saves me From Monsters

I was able to change my hours at work so that I can go in earlier and go home earlier, which affords me an extra 30 minutes of daylight in the evenings.  (One of the perks of having the word "manager" in your job title)  So I went home and made a beeline for the barn.
I'm afraid I don't have pics so you will just have to use your imagination
The evening went something like this....

Sassy, would you  like to go for a walk?
Do I have to wear a halter?
Yes, you have to wear a halter.
But halters make me look fat!
Sassy, your fat makes you look fat.
Okay, well can I wear the purple one?  It brings out the blue in my eyes.
Sassy your eyes are brown.
Well how was I supposed to know, its not like there is a mirror in my stall.
Perhaps next time you are nosing around on my pick up you could use one of the mirrors on it.
Oh, so that's what those things are, I always wondered what a mirror looked like.

I put on her favorite purple halter, we waved good by to the boys and headed on our merry way.  It had been snowing on and off all day, and I found myself wishing I had worn my blizzard stalkers. The Twisted X boots had nice traction but not much insulation.

Every so often I would feel a tug on the rope.

Sassy, what are you doing?
Muffin. (talking with mouth full)
Sassy what are you eating?
Well there was grass sticking up through the snow, so I thought I would taste it.  Look there is some more! CHOMP!
Sassy!!! Knock that off, we are walking not eating!

It was pretty uneventful from there to the end of our road. The dogs were not loose this day.  We still had plenty of daylight so I decided to make take her around the whole block.  My street starts makes a nice loop off of the main road which leads to many mini ranches. So our "block" is actually a D shape.  The main road is 2 lanes, with a 50 mph speed limit. Most people run it at about 65 or 70.  It does have nice wide barrow pits on each side, so we had plenty of room to walk safely.

As we turned the corner I felt another tug on the rope, a little stronger this time.


I turned around and she was rearing up on two legs as high as she could go, just as a pick up went by.  I took a quick step back so that she couldn't hurt me when she came down. I seriously have never seen her rear up that high before.

Sassy, that was not a monster.
Yes it was and I saved you! Did you see how it ran away!

I moved in and rubbed her neck and then started walking again.  When the next group of vehicles were coming by I turned her so she could see them coming. She did a little dance to the side, I rubbed her again and told her she was fine. We kept walking.

I gave her about 10 feet of line while we were walking so she could feel free to move from side to side if needed without coming into my circle.  A couple of time she tried to get close to me, but I made her stay back.  Every once in a while a car would actually slow down to pass, but most of them didn't.  It matters not to me.  None of my other horses spook at cars, so she needs to get over it too.

By time we reached the turn back onto our road, she was calm, like the cars didn't matter. She learns quickly.

Yeah that's right, monsters...you just keep moving.  I may look like I'm not looking, but I'm watching you!

When we got back to barn she couldn't wait to tell the boys.

Man you guys should have seen me, I saved the lady from monsters with glowing eyeballs and loud roars!  She was so lucky I was there!  I made myself real big and scared them off!

Killian said, "Sassy you don't leave without me any more, I just know you went to see some other horse didn't you!  Didn't you hear me calling you to come back?  You know you are mine, next time you listen to me!"

Trax said, "Hey Lady, put the little story teller away and get us some food please"

Danny said, "Yeah! I second what the fat guy said."

Trax said, "Hey I'm not fat, I'm buff!"

Can I just say that I love my ponies.  


  1. She did save me. Now if only I can save her!

  2. That's so funny! She sounds so cute!!

    Something I heard once was that horses can see purple more vibrantly than other colors. That may not be true, but it made me laugh when you said she got to wear her favorite purple halter

    1. By the way, I wanted to mention that I love that when she reared up your rection wasnt 'WTF why did you do that you must work that is unacceptable!" Because, lets be honest, she was trying to save you! And she clearly wasn't putting you in danger hahahah that just makes me laugh though

  3. Actually Marissa, she could have easily hurt me. When I lead my horses they are behind me, I can't see them, especially when I am bundled up. I "know" where they are by the feel on the rope and by their energy. By time I got turned around she was already up in the air. Had I not got turned around in time, she could have come down on top of me. Jay would probably have yelled at me for it. He might still!
    It is likely that making her work would have been the right answer. Perhaps had she continued spook with each passing car, then I would have changed my tactics. She reared up at the first one, danced a little at the second, but from then on, remained calm. I'd like to think that remaining calm myself, helped her work through her fears. I gave her plenty of room to go where ever she felt safe, yet most of the time "safe" was right in position about 6 feet behind me. I will admit, that after the first car and the "saving me" ordeal, I did keep an eye on her with each passing car, even if it was just one eye, while appearing to remain facing forward, just to have a better idea of where she was. No sense in being stupid while appearing to have it all under control! LOL