Thursday, January 24, 2013

The beginnings of a plan

Still in the baby stages, but I'm starting to formulate a plan in my mind of where I'd like to head next with Miss Sassafras.

I just order some Platinum Performance Equine, and some of their hoof supplement as well.  This product was recommended to me by Revlon's new owner.  She had one horse who suffered a major injury running barrels, and she was able to do him much good with this stuff. Plus I really like what I read on their website.
In my mind it cannot hurt.  When you are grasping at straws....

I am also cutting back her hay cubes, she isn't obese but she is a bit heavy, with a roll of cellulite on her neck. Not a huge one, but it is there.  The true deciding factor though was what I saw yesterday. I noticed that she is getting pronounced rings on her hoof wall. Rings like Killian had when I got him.  It is clear it started about three months ago, which is about when we started feeding the Utah Hay cubes. I knew they were third cutting so it doesn't surprise me to see this. Third cut hay tends to be a little hot.  Now whether or not this will have any impact on her lameness, remains to be seen. I doubt it will, but the rings worry me, I know they are sign, so I might as well read the sign for what it is.

I will go back to daily walks, and complete stall rest.  She obviously loves to get out, so walks around the block will be fun for her. Luckily she doesn't spook at cars, since "around the block" requires walking next to roads the whole way.   They have pretty nice wide area's to ride in so even if she gets flighty I have room. Also I am starting to have just enough daylight when I get home to pull this off.

Next I will make sure she has softer footing in her stall, (Meredith's idea) perhaps even giving her the stall mats.

This weekend will be about documentation.  I will video tape her movement, and the photograph each hoof from every angle.  Armed with those visual aides and the copies of my x-rays which I will have soon, I will start emailing all the smart people around the world who do this sort of thing for a living.  The first email will go to Gene Ovenick (the godfather of natural balance trimming), in CO.  Jay truly believes that if anyone can help her, it is this guy.  It would be a long drive to get her there, but not so long that I couldn't make it happen pretty easily.  If he says he can't, or needs a more positive diagnosis, well then I will keep on keeping on.

So there it is..the beginnings of a plan.  I'm sure it will change as we go.

I did just get a nice email from my vet.

" I euthanized one horse yesterday and saw another that is probably pretty bad. But the one that bothered me the most was yours. I do not take defeat easily and am still searching for my next step with Sassy."

Well at least I know I'm not the only one who hasn't given up yet.


  1. So sorry you're having trouble with Sassy. We used to have a beautiful mare that foundered repeatedly and for no apparent reason. Kept her going for 5-6 years, but finally lost the battle. We assumed it was hormonal with her, because everything else was negative. Not fat, not equine metabolic syndrome, not cushings, no retained placentas, no over-eating episodes. Nothing we could ever pinpoint.
    That Platinum is good stuff, just isn't cheap. Has your vet considered trying her on Levothyroxine Sodium powder? It's pretty cheap and we usually try them on 1 tsp once a day. Really helps with weight loss. We used to put a pile of sand in her stall too. When their feet are sore, they'll go and stand in the sand pile. Gets in all the nooks and crannies and supports the foot. Easy thing to do, just don't want them getting it mixed up in their hay, cause then you could have different problems. Horses! Always something... all the best with Sassy!

    1. Thank you for the information. That is actually a very interesting story.
      She really isn't very overweight, but a little. I will ask him about the powder you mentioned, and see what he says.