Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Camping at West Ten Sleep Lake

We took a break from the yard work, barn work, house work, and job work to do a little camping last weekend.  We had never camped at West Ten Sleep Lake in the Big Horn Mountains so that is where we decided to go.
We have a brand new camper which had only been used once so it was high time to break it in.

Of course there is a fire ban on the entire state of Wyoming right now.  No open fires of any kind, although I was very disappointed in how some people around us chose to ignore that warning and go ahead and build fires anyway.  The only fires allowed were propane grills, or sheep herder stoves with a spark arrester.

Of course we took the dogs, although before they get to go again they will need some serious obedience training.  Those two young dogs don't listen worth a darn and cannot be trusted!  Butch was pretty good about sticking around though.

Don't let Tom's scowl fool ya, he liked taking the dogs to the water.
We did a little bit of fishing in the lake and also drove down to Meadowlark Lake, where not only did we fish, but did some good catching as well.

The top picture is my 18 year old son, I was glad he went with us, he is usually off doing his own thing these days.  We did the catch and release routine.  I'm not that fond of trout. Plus I forgot alum foil for cooking them!   Pretty nice fish though!

The lake was just beautiful!  The whole weekend was.  The only real down side was the inconsiderate morans on their four wheelers that insisted on racing up and down the road past our camp site, covering us with dust.  I don't begrudge people their own favorite past times, but have a little respect for people who are there for the peace and quiet.

I tried my hand at some photography "art"

I must admit that Butch is an easy study.  That dog will freeze and drop to the ground with a single word and not move a muscle till we tell him too. I am assuming he was a great hunting dog at one time.   I love this picture of him though. Will probably have it blown up and framed. 

This one is also good but I wish I had paid attention to where my focus point was.   I am still learning how to operate this fancy camera.  It is the Sony Nex 7.  Great Camera!!

On the way home Tom found another "Short cut".  I have decided I like this side of him. We went home through Crazy Woman Canyon and gosh was it beautiful!

As you can see the road was very narrow, and our camper was very wide and when we met people on the road it was often quite scary. 

Anyway, we had a gret time, and if you are ever camping in Wyoming the Bighorns are one of the best places to go for sure!!!

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  1. What a beautiful place to camp! I especially love the shortcut. Wow.