Friday, August 31, 2012

Goodbye Brickster

I had one lesson on Bricks the day before yesterday and it really wasn't even a hard one.  Never even left the round pen, but afterwards we could see that she was visably uncomfortable.  I took her in for her health check up yesterday and the vet watched her move one time and said she is lame in her right hind. After palpating her hocks she guessed arthritis, and offered to do xrays but I declined.  I called her previous owner and told him the news.  He apologized many times, said he had never noticed it in her, and just thought it was how she moved, and of course told me to bring her home.

Tom and I discussed the possibility of keeping her and managing the arthritis with injections, since we will never be riding her very very hard, but I put the kabosh on that idea.  I am already managing two lame horses, I cannot take on another.    She will go home tomorrow and Killian will come back to us.

I have discussed it with my trainer and he feels I can learn just as much on either Killian or Trax and so my lessons will continue.  I will start with Killian as he is easier and softer. 

One thing I asked her owner was what he will do with her, and he says he will either keep her in the family and use her as a brood mare or if she does get sold it will only be to someone with a kid who will only use her gently.  But I suspect they will just keep her. I was happy to hear that.

 My first ranch horse Clinic is Sunday I will have pictures and lots to post about that. 

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  1. I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out, but it was worth trying. And how fun that you get to do lessons with your others. I'd like to do more of that myself. There's always more to learn!