Friday, August 17, 2012

Such a soft girl

Sassy had her first ride yesterday since she broke her coffin bone. Of course I did not ride her, and it was a very small slow ride, but it was nice to see her in "training mode" again.

 She truly is proof positive that less is more when it comes to horses.  It takes so little to get so much out of her.  This is Simon asking her to bend to him.  She will do it this soft to either side regardless of where he is standing. Notice how slack the lead rope is.  He asked with an ounce of pressure and she gives it all to him on her own. NICE!

Here I am asking her to back away while I stand still.  I give a slight suggestion on the rope and she backs till I say stop. 

Even with him on her back she is soft and supple, giving easily to any command.  Keep in mind that she hasn't been ridden since April, and even then only has about 40 rides on her.  I love watching her.  She is so perfectly put together.   

It was nice to be out there with my herd again!

Take care everyone!

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