Thursday, August 23, 2012

Decisions Decisions.....

I just found out that there is a ranch horse competition coming up in two weeks.  It just so happens that I own 2 ranch horses.  One is terrified of ropes and the other is slower than molasses in Jan.  Yet here I am considering entering one of them even though I no we have no chance of doing anything other than making complete fools of ourselves.

So I have to ask, "Why would I want to do that?"

My Answer. "Well I just don't know."  Perhaps it is because I want to do something with these guys besides ride around the block.  Maybe it is so I can finally find some people in horses to associate with who actually ride, and would prehaps ride with me. Maybe it is because I don't even know what my horses can and can't do.  Maybe I just want to learn to be a better rider. 

Do I have to have a reason other than , just because I want to?

So I took Trax out last night and worked on a few things.  I can open a gate on him. I can get mail out of a mail box.  I even got a rope out and swung it around over his head and next to him. He was a little jumpy at first but then settled right down.  We did that at a walk and a trot.  Then I put the rope around a stack of five gallon buckets and we dragged that around.  We went in all directions making sure thr rope went behind and up under his tail a little.  No reaction at all.  I was totally surprised.

As I was typing this I got a call from one of the ladies who is putting this on.  She assured me that many of the people are coming on horses who have never even seen a cow.  She says it is all in fun and just practice, so not to worry about failure.

I guess that settles it then!

Ranch Horse Competition here we come!!! 

(I'm sooo excited!)


  1. I've done a few things kinda sorta like that. I find it is great inspiration to get out and ride and practice stuff. Much better than just the same old thing every day. I bet you're going to have lots of fun!

    1. I hope so. I guess I sort of feel like I have come to a stand still in my horsemanship. Since I know I am only going for the experience and not for a win, it takes the pressure off to be anything more than what I am. An amature!
      I had thought about putting Sassy in the halter class but the vet just watched her move, and although he didn't so don't enter her, he did say that she is bobbling a little still, so we hold off on that.