Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Old Man and the Little Girl

I have had all the ponies pretty much locked up as of late.  Mostly due to Trax and Sassy's rehab issues.  Sassy with her coffin bone and Trax with his wound.  But they are both healing up nicely, Sassy does not seem to be limping at all, and Trax is way past the point of being ready to get out of that pen.

So this morning I decided to give everyone a treat.  I gave the geldings (Trax and Killian) just a little bit of food, and then after putting some Natures Edge on Trax's cut, I opened the gates and turned them out.  Then I grabbed the mare and walked her over to Dannys pasture and put her little bit of haycubes down by the gate.  I had already fed Danny first as he always gets a full ration plus his Strategy GX.  He eats the grain first of course and was chowing down on the hay cubes when I put her in with him.  She was eating her own little bit of food, but she looked up and saw him and left her food to go eat with him. 

Interestingly enough, Danny does not share his food with anyone....except Sassy.  She is the same way. It was nice to see the two friends sharing a meal again.  The were the first two in the herd and never fought or argued over anything.  They always shared nicely and I think they were really happy to get to be together again.  It has been a long time since they have been able to hang out together.  Mostly because she has been in confinement since April.   Maybe I am humanizing their feelings, in how I want it to be.  But the fact that there was never a pinned ear between them, leads me to beleive otherwise.

The Old Man and the The Little Girl

They Look Pretty Happy to Me

My favorite part of my day right now, is when I go out in the mornings to feed and clean stalls.  The air is usually cool and fresh, my herd is always happy to see me.  I love being greeted by whinny's and nickers.  They all come in for a scratch on the head and a treat.  They aren't pushy or rude.  They wait their turns nicely.  I love it when I can turn them out in the mornings.  I like watching them run and kick up their heels.  I'm glad that Sassy doesn't when she is with Danny though, after all she is still in "rehab".  The part I hate is that I have to go back inside and get ready for work.  I wish I could just stay home with them all day.  Maybe someday......


  1. I can vouch for the fact that Danny is not inclined to share his food. When he lived with me, nobody got one whiff of his food much less a bite of it. I am amazed to see these two eating together.
    I too used to love the greetings of the horses when I went down to feed them and take care of the dogs in the mornings. Danny always had a nice soft whuffling nicker for me. However now I have two horses here where I live and the old boy Patrick who I am sure is Arab/Thoroughbred greets me with a full fledged loud whinny! As he runs around in his stall- (its big) really more of a pen-kicking up dust everywhere. He especially does this if I am the least bit late as I was this am. If Iget out there before the sun comes up he's not quite as bad until he sees me coming back to where the horse feed is and then he is all in a dither. He also acts terrible once he gets his food, pinning his ears and snacking that neck if you look like you are coming too close. However its all an act. He is the low horse on the totem pole and seems has always been, so he bluffs. You can walk right up to him and pet him when he does that and any horse can steal his food.

    1. Danny does that ear pinning, neck snaking too. I do not allow it though. On days when he does that I stand between him and the food and make him stop it and wait patiently until I say he can eat. If I don't he gets too pushy and has almost knocked me over a couple of times. I don't like it when he is rude like that. It is the only time he is.
      It is cool to see him and Sassy share though!