Thursday, August 2, 2012

Early Morning Race

These were taken after the chores were done.  I do not care to
take a very expensive camera out to shovel poop!
I went out this morning to clean the pens, and was swept up by how gorgeous it was. There was a light easy breeze, a few clouds but not overcast.
The ponies were not thrilled that I came out empty handed.  They do not seem to appreciate my efforts to keep the pens manure and fly free.  since the wind was minor I let Killian out and kept Sassy in with me, but did not chain the gate.....big mistake on my part.
The next thing I know Sassy is out the gate.  She started off just grazing which was fine and I figured that since she was just grazing I'd leave her be.  2nd big mistake!

One of the pastures, pens down below
Suddenly I hear thundering hooves, and squeals and farts (yes farts).  There they all were, racing as fast as they could go around the pasture!!!  I ran out after them, "STOP!!!"  3rd big mistake!!!  This only fuel the fire and I watched my mare with the chipped coffin bone....(the one my vet just told me, "If she isn't limping a little more exercise is good, but I wouldn't have her running any races.")...race as fast as she could go (3 steps to Killian's 1) from one end to the other, coming into a sliding stop at the dog yard, landing hard on, yep you guessed it, her front feet!!!!

Gorgeous sky over the other neighbors house
She took back off again, threw a flying cow kick toward Trax which sent him off in the opposite direction. She was twisting and jumping and racing in circles, by now Killian was over it and had started grazing.  Trax was still racing. He is always ready for a good romp if he can find someone to romp with!

I finally came to my senses and ran up to grab breakfast.  Danny usually gets fed first, so he was unhappy that he was pushed aside.  I ran back down with my bucket of hay cubes, went through the gate and here they came.  I swear I thought Trax was gonna hit me at full speed!  He was headed straight for me as fast as he could come, I set down the bucket and did my "OFF ME!" move and about ten feet from me he did a sudden swerve to the left and slid to a stop. They all came and stood in front of me, I gave them each one bite then headed to the pens.  They got a little pushy so we did a lot of stopping and backing up as we made our way across the pasture.  They know better than to follow to close.  Good way to get a training stick in the chest!  Crises averted I got everyone fed in their prospective areas, got the pens cleaned and then ran in to get my camera. 

Danny finally got his breakfast, that is Casper Mountain off
in the distance, and if you look closely you can see the smelly
swamp/pond just past Danny.  I hate the way it smells but it provides
me with pasture so I will deal with it!

Now for my secret confession:  I really enjoyed watching my girl kick up her heels and have some fun.  She is small but soooo athletic.  I have always enjoyed watching her move. She has been in confinement since April, and I'm sure she was having a blast this morning. I kind of wish I had, had the camera with me.  I look forward to the day when she is healed and we can really start her training again.  Of course today I will round pen her to determine is she is limping again......lets keep out fingers crossed!

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