Monday, August 13, 2012

The road less traveled...OR..."The Shortcut"

So this weekend was busy busy driving here and there and everywhere in between.  First was Scottsbluff NE, which required us going through Lingle.

Do you know what is in Lingle???????

Whimsy !!!!!!  Oh yeah, that is one of my favorite little antique stores around.
I purchased two more pictures for my collection.

This is the first one, an original water color.  I have never heard of the artist, JL Stoner, but I love the picture!

This one is a pen and ink by Gary Ericson out of CA. Its just a nice picture and she had both marked down so I was able to get 2 for the price I was prepared to pay for one. 
The lady who owns this store has a great mix of new and old and she manages to find some of the best artwork I have ever seen.   She had some great old photographs of moving cows in WY, but they were full price and out of my range.  Too bad though, cuz they were awesome!

After that little excersion it was time to race home, grab the camper and make a mad dash for Ten Sleep WY for the Nowood Stock Music Festival.
It is a 3 day event held every August and every year I find new musical talent that you will not find on mainstream radio.  One thing about me....I am anything but main stream!

We decided to go through Thermopolis and Worland and headed out the 20/26 at a slow rate of speed due the the high winds and our top heavy camper.

Then Tom says to me, "Lets take a short cut!"
(Oh boy!)

We made a hard left at the tiny little burg of Moneta and started following a very desolate road, passing only trucks hauling gas.  That in itself wass a little scary.  Pretty soon we came to the town of Lysite. Then we blinked and it was gone. 

There was a little deliberation each time the road forked, but with the help of GPS on my Iphone and Tom's slightly dusty memory (he says "I've been here before but it was in the 70's"  YIKES!)  We did manage to make all the right choices.

Here are some pics of "The shortcut"
 Deserted dirt road
 We saw cows- some really nice ones
 And Horses.....
 No they weren't wild but pretty
 We even found this......
Complete with grass runway!

We saw some of the most gorgeous houses I have ever seen, but I did not take pictures of those.

We finally made it to Tensleep and I found that my camera was dead and my phone was dead and I had left all my chargers at home!

We stayed at the Ten Broeke, RV park, which I highly recommend.  They folks there were so good to us! They have a horse motel, next time I'm taking the ponies!

Then the next day we went to the music festival.

I found more art....I'm addicted I think

These are some photo's taken of some wild horses.  I managed to get the very first edition prints on these, both signed. I think they will look great in my basement that I am re-doing.

Then it was time to head home, after seeing Jalan Crossland play....I can't believe I wasn't able to take any more pictures!!!! 

The dogs, and kids and ponies were glad to see us, and it was sure nice to sleep in my own bed, but gosh what a great weekend!!!!!

Sometimes it really is worth it to take the road less traveled!

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