Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Great Music and Really Big Horses

Saturday was spent cleaning house and doing chores, and all the stuff I can't seem to stay caught up with during the week.  I was pretty exhausted by the afternoon.  Then Tom told me that my favorite local Troubadour was playing in town....suddenly I was not so tired any more!

His name is Jalan Crossland, he is from Tensleep WY.  I first heard his music a few years ago when he did a free concert at my sons high school.  I have a few guitar players in my family, so I have always been a big fan of a decent picker.  Jalan, is one of the very best I have ever seen.

His style is completely unique, unlike anything I have ever heard.  If you live anywhere near WY and get a chance to hear him play...trust me, it is worth the money!

He plays country/western/bluegrass/folk style music. 

He writes a lot of his own songs,
and then also does some covers of some great
songs as well.
Of course he doesn't just play the guitar, he also plays the Harmonica and the banjo.

There aren't many people who can keep an entire crowd completely entertained by himself, but Jalan Crossland can.  I wish I could get my video's to load so you could really see how amazing he is.

My post would not be complete without a horse picture......

We were at the Wyoming Historical Interpretive Center, and they had all the historical camps set up, and the wagons.  These were the draft horses they had there to pull the wagons with.  Big sweet boys.  With feet the size of saucers.

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  1. Yes, I'm a teacher. (3rd grade)...Last year I had 32 kiddos. It was AWFUL! So far, I only have 25 this year. What a difference 7 kids can make! I also had a combo class last year (second & third) and it was really hard for the second graders. I see I already have 2 of them again this year! HA! More torture! (just kidding...I enjoy my kids!)