Sunday, August 26, 2012


Miss Hidas Par Te  (aka: Bricks)
Well I made my decision and loaded up Killian
Saturday morning and we made the long trip down to Riverton. 
When we got there, Killian ever the rock was so quiet and patient in the trailer.  We went ahead and took him out and let him stretch his legs a little. Randy came out and caught his mare and we gave her the once over. 

Her name is Bricks, and it fits her too a T!!!

Long story short I rode her around a little and although I can see that I am under trained to ride this horse, I believe that with a few lessons I could be just fine. 

He looked over Killian and opted not to ride, but said he liked him and the temporary trade was made.  So we loaded her up and brought her home. She was a little fidgety for the first half of the ride but by time we got home had settled down nicely.  She came out so nice and calm. 

I lead her down to the round pen, Trax was loose so he came over to say hi.  It was very interesting to watch, he ran up they gave each other a sniff, she pinned her ears, but that was all. He sniffed a little more so she slowly turned her butt towards him and just lifted on leg, as if to say "I can kick, but I don't really want too."  At that he said, "Yep you're just another mare to me and I got no time for mares, I'd rather go eat." and off he went. 

I kept her in the round pen over night, but let her this morning with him.  They did the greeting again, he asked, "Do you wanna be boss?"  She said, "Nope, do you wanna be boss?"  He said, "Not really"  and the noses dropped and grass became the new concern.  Now she is out following him around, I do believe they are going to be best friends. 

Trax has never had a follower before, he was always the follower.  he has always been the lowest horse on the totem pole.  so I am sure this is a totally new experience for him.  I can tell by his expression that he is not quite sure how to handle it.

Then I opened the gate to Danny's pasture and let
 him come over and visit some too.

Of course Danny had to come over and do his "I'm so studly" act.  she was not impressed and walked away.   Interestingly enough, after that Danny went straight to the open pen which connects to Sassy's pen and that is where he is even now, with "his girl". 

 This is my "Big Butt" comparison shot! Not the best angle though.
I have thinned Trax down alot and she is just a little on the heavy side, not real bad though. But her butt is twice the width of his I think. Also I use to think that Sassy was not in bad shape, but I can see now that all this confinement, has killed her muscle tone,, she looks little and thin compared to Bricks. 

I like this picture of her too!

So far the only real issue I see with her is that she moves a little stiff in her hind quarters.  Jay noticed it first.  We do not know if this is just how she moves, if she was stiff from the long trailer ride, if she is a little arthritic from her competition days, or what.  She has a scar on one hind quarter.  I meant to ask what it was from, but forgot.  I will ask just so I have a full medical history.  I also plan on taking a "personal day" this week from work, so that I can take her in for a full check up.  As long as that stiffness doesn't bother her, then the riding I will do with her will be light enough it should not be too much of an issue.  But if it is something that is going to really bother her, then it might be a deal breaker.  I am not prepared to make a decision on that yet.  Want to see how she rides for a while first.

So there she is, the newest addition to the herd...let me know what you guys think of her.

Oh I got a text from Randy last night, he says that Killian is settling in nicely and has made a friend, so I do feel better about that.  After seeing all of Randy's horses I have no doubt that Killian will be well cared for and loved, and he certainly will get whipped into shape as they will be using him for long trail rides.


  1. She's cute! I love the picture of her following Trax. They both look like sweet, gentle horses.

    I'm glad you decided to at least try her out. Lessons will be fun, and it sounds like she just might open the door to all sorts of new things for you.

    When you mentioned that she used to compete in cutting I wondered if she might have some soundness issues from that. I can't wait to hear what the vet says about her stiff hind end. Hopefully it's nothing to worry about. Exercise might just help it. :)

    1. I hope it isn't anything serious either. We have an Appt on Thursday and will have it checked out. It really doesn't seem to bother her too much she was our running around all over last night.
      Going to take her down to the arena tonight and get my first lesson.
      Thanks for the comment Andrea.