Friday, December 7, 2012

Book Review

I get monthly newsletters from

In it there are many different little gifts, and I purchase various different things from them on a regular basis.

My most recent purchase was a book called "Horsepower- A memoir book" by Annette Israel.

Folks this is a great book!  A wonderful story, not just of a horse but of a horse crazy gal.  It is the story of how it started for her, the story of her journey, and then finally the story of one horse in particular who changed her life forever.  I truly could nto put it down.

Here is a link

I will warn you, there were times when I could not see the pages for the tears, but the ending is inevitable, and even in it's sadness it will make you smile.

I will also recommend the Horses and Hope calendar that Hoofprints sells,  It is filled with pictures of horses that have been rescued and their success stories.  If I recall correctly, all the profits go towards helping rescues. 

Many of you probably already know about the website, but for anyone who doesn't, it is worth a look.

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