Tuesday, December 18, 2012

EC Day 12

Favorite Horse color:

Gosh who can pick?
Of course I think Trax is the most gorgeous color, but that isn't why I got him.  
I mean I do like paints, but I would not say they are my favorite. 
I have always always always loved roans.  Red and Blue both.
I also love a nice dusty Grulla as well.
I love sorrels with a flaxen mane and tail.

The truth is, I love all the colors. I have never seen an ugly horse, have you? 
Even my poor old Sunshine,(I will have to find some pics of her) who was just a plain brown, skin and bones (when I got her), was just as beautiful to me as Trax is to me now. 

Sorry guys, I can't answer this one.


  1. Oh well, picking one is just so hard to do. Like you, I love them all!! But...I have been so drawn to shiny Bays forever, so if I had to pick an overall favorite, I'd probably pick a Bay. Beautiful mahogany brown with black points, mane and tail...to die for!! Just got my first ever Bay a year ago, so I finally have him. He's pretty handsome too!! But, years ago I had a pretty little quarterhorse mare, sorrel with a flaxen mane and tail, blaze faced...feisty as the dickens and FUN to ride! And Appaloosas!! The more unusual, the better!! And blacks - you know, the kind that look blue in the sunlight? Amazingly gorgeous!! Then my white horse, Ladde. He's just about the most gorgeous horse in the whole wide world!!! That's proof that God has a sense of humor because Ladde loves his mud...chocolate-dipped and beeeutiful!!! :) See what I mean? Just too, too hard to pick just one! I like a red roan too, and a blue roan...well, they're pretty too...

  2. A good horse is never a bad color :)