Monday, December 31, 2012

Wyoming Verses Arizona

So now that I am home again, freezing my patootie off, I find myself comparing the state that I currently live in and the state that I would like to move back too. There are some things about Wyoming which I love, and then there are things about AZ which I love as well.

Wyoming Pros:
The entire state has a small town feel about it.
I can leave town and not worry about locking my doors.
I can leave my keys in my car at Walmart and not worry that it will be stolen.
My son can walk from his school to my work and not worry about being kidnapped.
Land is cheaper.
The mountains are bigger.
Trees, lots and lots of trees.
Jobs pay better.
Plenty of jobs to be had. (if you can't get a job in WY, you don't really want one)
A traffic jam only last a few soon as the cows get out of the way.
Summers although short, are nice.
High School sports are a big deal.
People are friendlier in WY.  (I'm sorry, they just are)

Wyoming Cons:
-5 degrees this morning when I fed my horses.
Winter last 9 months
For all the wide open spaces, there are less places to ride.
Lack of decent vet care or farrier service.
The wind always blows....hard.
Houses are expensive as there is a housing shortage.
You have to really look to find a decent place to eat, and good luck getting a table on a Friday or Sat.
-5 degrees this morning (yes it is worth mentioning twice)
Cost of living is higher.

AZ Pros:
Warmer weather
Short winters
Lots of places to ride.
You can ride year round.
My older children live there
I have a gazillion friends there
Housing is cheaper
Better Shopping
Better restaurants
Better vet and farrier service
I know every back road between every little town in the state. (fun times off the beaten path!)
Cost of living is cheaper.
Education may or may not be better, not sure.
Summer lasts 9 months
Monsoons are gorgeous

AZ Cons:
115 in the summer
Monsoons can get a little muggy and miserable
Traffic traffic traffic
All doors and windows must stay locked at all times
The reality of my son being introduced to hard drugs at school is higher
More crime
I have a gazilllion friends there (yes it can be a con)
It seems like everything is always so far away.
Less jobs
Lower paying jobs
High School sports are not a big deal.
It seems like people are meaner there.

So as I look at this list I can see that It is about equal all the way.  The big thing is the exposure to drugs for Simon. Of course they have it here as well, but not as bad.  It certainly makes me lean towards finding a smaller town to live in if we do move down there.  Or rather when.  The house we bought used to be in a small town. It isn't small any more, and for that reason I think we chose wrong.
Of course, if he is going to choose that lifestyle he will choose it no matter where we live.  It is up to me to help him make better choices. 
When we were visiting, I hated that I had to lock everything.  A minor inconvenience I know, but I hate that "feeling of fear".   It isn't that theft doesn't happen, but it is pretty rare compared to AZ.

Of course all this is moot right now.  We aren't going anywhere this week, or even this month.

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  1. Interesting points. i am looking at buying in Arizona just for winter but in reality know very little about it so am trying to learn more and here you post it for me :)