Wednesday, December 5, 2012

EC Day 3

Your Best Riding.

This is a tough one, because in some ways I feel like my best riding was when I was a teenager.  Simply because we always rode bareback and the things we were able to do back then.  I must have had a much better seat back then, how else could I have stayed on a horse, bareback,  at a dead run everyday.

Of course I am also willing to admit that with little or no instruction, we probably were pretty rough on those poor ponies too.  Its no wonder they made us chase them all over the pasture to catch them!

If I think of it in terms of actual "riding" then my best riding is now.  My best ride was probably last Sunday.  I was so concious of where my hands were, what my feet were doing, what my butt was doing, and what my horse was doing.  We are really learning to communicate well.  For example, he told me that those kitties were going to eat him, and I was able to show him, without even a second of fighting with him, that he was wrong.   I am learning how to show him that if he gives to me right away, I will make a point of not yanking on his mouth.  I am learning how to direct him with legs and feet instead of my hands, which he seems to respond to very well!

I am so glad for this opportunity to learn, to be easier on my horses, and to get more out of them by doing less.  I love it!


  1. I love that while you know you had a great seat and were really good at staying on as a kid, you realize that you are honestly a better rider now, since you are communicating with your horse in a way of respect instead of simply being able to ride through whatever!

  2. I agree, it is hard to say best riding cause it should be getting better, and it sounds like you are all the time.